How to Choose the Right Vanity for Any Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom requires lots of attention to detail. Whether homeowners just want to replace a few fixtures or they're planning a full remodel, the choice of bathroom vanity is one detail they can't afford to ignore. Read on to find some tips for how to choose the right vanity for any bathroom.

How to Choose the Right Vanity for Any Bathroom
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Consider Size and Proportions

Bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms in any home, so space is often a top priority. Whether homeowners are swapping out large vanities for smaller ones so they can increase floor space or they just want to upgrade a tiny, aging bathroom's style, standard cabinets won't fit the bill. Homeowners can buy 20" wall-mounted and floor vanity cabinets and more from Unique Vanities.

Measure Everything

Don't just purchase a vanity that's slightly smaller than the one that's already in the bathroom and assume everything will be okay. Take the time to measure not just the wall where the vanity will be placed but also clearances around doors, shower stalls, or drawers. Breaking out some painter's tape and marking where the vanity will go and how much space it will take up with its drawers or doors open makes it easier to get an accurate idea of necessary clearances.

Think About the Sink

Homeowners don't just use their vanities for storage. These fixtures also house bathroom sinks, which come in many sizes, shapes, styles, and depths. There are several accessories to make the bathroom impressive and stylish. 

Some vanity cabinets come with sinks, while others are designed to be installed on top of or around existing fixtures. Homeowners who want to keep their existing sinks should read product descriptions carefully to make sure the vanity cabinet will fit correctly.

Homeowners who want to keep their existing sinks should read product descriptions carefully to make sure the vanity cabinet will fit correctly.

Consider Double Sinks for Larger Bathrooms

If two or more family members routinely share the bathroom, a double sink vanity can ease morning traffic. Keep in mind, though, that adding another sink will also cut down on equally valuable countertop space. If the bathroom is large and has a wide-open floor plan, homeowners can also install two separate vanities and sinks to conserve counter space while simultaneously adding an extra station for residents to get ready for their busy days. Unique Vanities can help you figure out the best double sink for your bathroom to make it more convenient and easy.

Balance Storage Needs Against Cleaning Requirements

Freestanding bathroom vanities typically offer more storage space than wall-mounted or corner-mounted alternatives. Unfortunately, they're also harder to clean since they feature more nooks and corners to accumulate dust. There's no one right choice when it comes to freestanding versus wall-mounted vanities, so each homeowner will have to consider his or her priorities when it comes to ease of cleaning and storage space.

Keep the Plumbing Intact to Reduce Costs

Altering the bathroom's existing plumbing lines can be expensive, so most homeowners try to keep their sinks in the same place unless they're performing full remodels. Freestanding vanities are more accommodating of existing plumbing connections, even if they're slightly irregular or off-center, as is often the case in older bathrooms. Moving the plumbing fixtures and adding new pipes to accommodate wall-mounted fixtures can also push back remodeling contractors' timelines for completion.

Don't Forget About Faucets

If the new vanity doesn't come with a sink, or the sink doesn't come with faucets and other fixtures, homeowners will need to be extra careful. Sinks are designed to accommodate specific types of faucets, so again, read the product description carefully and go beyond noting how many faucet holes there are. Centered faucets won't fit in a sink designed to accommodate widespread models, either. The easiest way to avoid problems with faucets and fixtures is to purchase a vanity that comes with a sink already equipped with all the right hardware.

Look for Durable Materials

Bathroom vanities come into contact with not just water, but also cleaning products, personal care products, and a lot of humidity. A good vanity will be constructed out of durable materials that are able to withstand whatever the family can throw at them. Look for materials that are durable, grout-free, waterproof, and scratch-resistant. There are plenty of options that are perfect for challenging bathroom environments, and include everything from sealed wood to glass, metal, ceramic, and more.

Choose the Vanity First

Planning to add new tile or replace other bathroom fixtures? It's much easier to start with choosing a high-quality vanity before moving on to find tile, fixtures, or wallpaper that matches the piece's unique visual appeal. Homeowners who struggle with interior design choices are better off purchasing vanity cabinets that come with sinks and faucets since they'll be sure to match. Some vanities also come with attached or detached mirrors, eliminating the need for yet another difficult decision.

Aim for a Cohesive Style

Creating a cohesive theme makes the whole bathroom remodeling process easier and helps to ensure that homeowners, their families, and guests will all like the results. Trying to pair a farmhouse-style vanity with an otherwise contemporary design may seem like a good way to give the bathroom extra character, but more often than not, it creates unnecessarily jarring visuals.

Stick to the Budget

It's best to determine a budget for the bathroom remodels before even looking at options. Of course, homeowners will get what they pay for, so it's also best to prioritize quality. Homeowners who want high-quality vanities may be able to save money on other parts of the remodel. Choosing a vanity that can accommodate the bathroom's current plumbing lines, for example, can help to cut back on installation costs so that homeowners can devote more of their budgets to buying the right vanity.

Whether homeowners are undertaking the bulk of the work for their remodels themselves or they've hired specialized contractors to do it for them, they should still devote plenty of time to choosing the right features and fixtures. The vanity serves as a focal point for the entire bathroom, so it's the best place to start. 

There are plenty of high-quality products available online along with numerous resources for those who need some help with brainstorming and bathroom design. Don't hesitate to take advantage of these options.

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