5 Must-Have Jewelry Pieces To Glam Up Any Look

No woman will ever say no to jewelry. Beautiful rhodium plated jewelry pieces are everything you need to accentuate your outfit and to express your attitude.  Gone are the days where one would wear jewelry only at special events like weddings and functions. The times have changed now and so have the jewelry trends.

5 Must-Have Jewelry Pieces To Glam Up Any Look
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While many new jewelry trends have been introduced, some of them remain classic and sought-after. You can explore a leading jewelry store such as Seattle Jewelers and find the best wearable jewelry for both -- a special event and daily routine. 

Here are the six must-have jewelry pieces that can help you add glam to any of your looks: 

A pair of studs:

A pair of studs is a must-have in your jewelry collection. A pair of studs go well with all kinds of outfits. And if you can buy a pair of diamond studs, it will be a cherry on the cake. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They are classy and elegant. 

You don’t have to necessarily wait for your best friend’s wedding or another special event to wear your studs. You can wear them in your daily routine, and they will surely become the center of attraction for one and all. 

Hoop earrings:

Pearl hoop earrings are a piece of fashionable jewelry that all of you must own and add to your jewelry collection. These earrings are slightly bigger in size, which is why they make an unbeatable style statement. Hoop earrings frame your face like no other piece of jewelry. 

You can buy gold sophia jewelry online. The standard size of these earrings extends up to 1-2 inches. You can further buy a larger or smaller size, depending upon your preference. These earrings can add a lot of glamor to your otherwise plain look. Buy them now. 

Layered Necklace:

Whether it is a cocktail function or an elaborate office event, nothing can go wrong with wearing a layered necklace. A beautiful long-chain that is layered with more small-sized chains are what makes a layered necklace. Dear ladies, it is a must-have in your collection. 

You can pair a layered necklace with your party-wear dress, such as a maxi dress or an evening gown. You may as well define your casual look by adding a dash of a layered necklace. This one is a must-have for all those girls who don’t mind experimenting with a little drama.  

Statement Ring:

If you are a connoisseur of rings, it is imperative to add a statement ring to your arsenal. Statement rings are elaborate rings that are made in big and chunky designs. A statement ring accentuates your hand like no other accessory. 

If you want your look to be on a bolder side, wear a statement ring. Pair your dress with high heels and red lipstick, and you are good-to-go. 

Chain and a Pendant:

To all working women, add as many chains and pendants as you want in your collection. It is because this trend is never going out of fashion. A cute-looking pendant gives a delicate look and can be worn by women of all ages. 

You can wear this jewelry on almost all occasions – at work, on your coffee date, Sunday brunch, and even at home. You don’t have to be selective about which outfit goes well with a chain and a pendant because this versatile piece of jewelry complements all outfits and looks. 

Accessorizing yourself with some good jewelry pieces makes you feel beautiful and confident. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to buy all the above-listed jewelry pieces. Look for them at the leading offline and online platforms.

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