Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Ever wondered if there was a natural remedy for your hair loss? The truth is that many people wish that it was possible to get back the full hair as they did in their teens. While you may not be able to turn back the hands of time, you surely can do something about that receding hairline. You’d find below natural ways to prevent hair loss at home. But first, let’s talk about alopecia and what you should know about it.

Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Loss


Why you Lose Hair Faster?

One thing you should know is that hair loss is a normal process. But what’s abnormal is the rate at which you lose each strand. You will likely find a few strands in your brush or comb after grooming. And this shouldn’t cause you any worries since the strands are originally brittle. But when you suddenly notice a more challenging scenario like balding or loss of numerous hair strands, then you want to take action. 

Poor grooming is one of the many things that can leave your hair in a state of mess. So if you want to experience a slower loss of strand, you want to start today with proper grooming. Use the right creams and conditioners to provide nutrients for the strands and scalp. You also want to be careful how you cut your hair. Shaving too deep into the scalp could affect the follicle root. 

Even with the best grooming products, it is impossible to reverse the normal aging process, which results in balding. But this is common with adults who are older than 35. For teens suffering from early balding, there are unique regenerative growth techniques that can help the scalp with follicle production. 

Examples include the non-surgical methods, which involve the use of stem cell injections to stimulate follicle production. But we won’t be looking at any of this today. We will focus on natural methods you can try at home yourself or with the help of a pal. You can learn more about laser caps for hair loss and other techniques you can try at home. 

How to Prevent Hair Loss? 

As we already established, there is little you can do when it comes to avoiding baldness. But what you can do is slow it down. And this means that you shouldn’t have to worry as there are proven methods you can use to help speed things up. They include 

Use the Right Hair Care Products 

One of the easiest ways to set your scalp for damage is to use harmful products in your grooming. When you use toxic chemicals in your grooming, they block out the follicles preventing nutrients from reaching where they are needed. It is best to stick to organic products that contain naturally enriching ingredients. 

Try Prescription Medication 

You will also find the use of prescription medications to be an effective treatment for baldness. But you would have to work closely with a health specialist and not a beautician when choosing the right meds to take. One popular preparation that helps to boost follicle growth is Minoxidil. It works by increasing nutrient and blood flow to the follicles. Many other medications could be safe for use in balding therapy. And you will need to talk with your doctor to figure the right meds for you. 

Eat Right 

You may already be aware of the importance of dieting in optimum health. And you can also expect that your diet can influence how quickly you lose follicles. So if you are worried about balding, you want to start by switching to a healthier diet. 

Studies show that if you choose a Mediterranean diet, which includes a rich serving of fresh herbs and vegetables, can help solve pattern baldness in males and females. Some of the food you want to go big on include parsley, basil, and salad greens. 

A rich protein diet would also be beneficial to your hair growth strategy as it encourages keratin production. And this is the protein that helps with nourishing and keeping the strands silky. Healthy protein choices to help with balding include egg, fish, low-fat dairy, peas and beans, nuts, and animal protein such as chicken and turkey. You can check this link for more foods that can help promote natural follicle growth. 

Try Essential Oil Therapy 

You could also find the use of essential oil to help prevent some form of hair loss. While it may not be able to reverse the effects of patterned baldness, it could help with improving volume for thinning strands. Some of the best essentials oils that are great for follicle growth include cedar wood, lavender, and rosemary. 

Others you can equally rely on include peppermint and lemongrass. For a potent mix, you want to ensure that you add in carrier oils to make it go easy on the scalp. Good carrier oils you can choose from include jojoba oil and grapeseed oil. 

Exercise Regularly 

There are many ways the body benefits from regular exercise. This includes weight management, increased energy levels, and motivation. And when done correctly could also improve your follicle production. Scalp massages can help stimulate the nerves around the follicles improving nutrient circulation resulting in faster growth. You will also find meditative routines such as yoga poses to help improve blood flow in the body. 

Final Note 

You should know that hair loss is a natural thing that comes with aging. While there isn’t any set age for baldness, you want to be prepared for the inevitable. Hormonal changes and aging are somethings that are beyond your control. But what you have control over how you choose to let the situation affect you. You can check this page for ways to handle the psychological effects of balding.

 It is also vital that you choose your medications wisely. Those for diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure control have been known to leave behind side effects, including loss of hair follicles. You should discuss with your doctor if you are on any medication and notice your strands are thinning. 

Remember that you can try any of the methods above if you are particular about the natural hair restoration method. There are also medical procedures that could help speed up the process, but you will likely have to spend much for it.

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