7 Signs That a Work Relationship Has Crossed the Line

Many believe it’s a dangerous climate out there in the workplace. We’ve all heard viral stories of employees shacking up only to lose their jobs, or worst still, someone got the wrong end of the stick and took things too far, and now there’s a criminal assault charge in the works and everything has blown up.

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7 Signs That a Work Relationship Has Crossed the Line
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Nobody wants to be involved in a situation like this, which is why it’s important for you to recognize the signs to prevent it from happening. With this in mind, here are seven signs a working relationship has gone too far and has entered the ‘danger zone.’ (Not Kenny Loggins style.)

1. You Think (Daydream) About Them all the Time

Perhaps the best sign to look out for, if you’re thinking about your coworker all the time, so much so you’re maybe even dreaming about them, it might be time to get a reality check to see how you’re feeling and whether you should step back. You don’t want to take things too far and have to get a sex crime lawyer on your side because let the situation get out of hand.

2. Other Coworkers Have Noticed

Whether someone has said something to you directly, or you’re just hearing whispers of what people think, if other coworkers are noticing your work relationship, then it’s obviously heading in a potentially consequential direction, so take action to stop this being the case!

3. You’re Hiding the Work Relationship from your Partner

If you’re not able to go home to your actual partner and talk about the relationship you have with someone at work, perhaps because you’re embarrassed or you ‘don’t think they’ll understand,’ or ‘they’ll see it in the wrong way,’ then the chances are the relationship is inappropriate and has gone too far.

4. You’re Complaining to Your Coworker About Your Spouse

A big no-no. As soon as you start breaking down these personal walls, it’s hard to step back, and there’s a fine line between having a bitch and a moan because you’re annoyed and allowing your coworker in your personal life. This begins to supersede your relationships.

5. Flirting Outside of Work (IRL or over text)

Let’s be real, flirting at work happens. As long as everyone is okay with it, it’s probably always going to happen to some degree, but you need to make sure it’s staying in the confines of the office. As soon as flirting is happening outside office hours, either in real life, on social media, or via texts and phone calls, it’s time to draw a line.

6. Meeting Your Coworker After Work

Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with meeting a coworker after work. Many people do it, and it can all very relax and by the book. However, If you’re honest with yourself and you’re crushing on your colleague, you’re not telling your partner, and you’re meeting in ways you wouldn’t meet with other coworkers, then you’re probably crossing a line.

7. You’re Treating Them Different from Other Colleagues

There’s no doubt you’ll treat people differently from each other. Some people you like more than others, and some people you’ll be closer to. That’s fine. However, if you take two coworkers you’re close to, and you wouldn’t ever think of treating one the way you treat the other, this is not a good sign, and you’ve probably gone too far.

There’s no denying it’s hard to see when a relationship at work has gone too far, especially when you’re probably lost in the feelings of it all and can’t see it for what it is. However, it’s hard to come back from a relationship that has crossed the line, so look for the signs and prevent it from happening at all.

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