7 Simple Ways to Curb Negative Mood Shifts at Home or Work

When your mood starts to shift from good to bad at work, it can be challenging to get back into the groove, especially if the work itself is mentally draining. On the other hand, staying positive and upbeat on some days can be difficult in general, but there are definitely a few things you can do to improve your mood. Here are 7 ways to feel more cheerful in a few minutes.

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7 Simple Ways to Curb Negative Mood Shifts at Home or Work
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1. Surround Yourself With Happy Things

A cubicle can be depressing by itself, but if your boss lets you fill the space with posters, pictures, and plants, you can turn your drab space into something more exciting. You can even set up regular flower arrangement delivery through a subscription service, so you always have fresh florals to smell. Until then, print out a picture of your favorite book or movie character, a family member, or a celebrity to get you through the next few hours.

2. Listen to Some Upbeat Music

A study published by the University of Missouri concluded that listening to your favorite upbeat music can improve your mood in less than 3 minutes (or the song's length). While you’re listening to music, don’t concentrate on your bad mood or whether or not you feel happy yet; just let the song flow through you. Allow yourself to enjoy the intricacies of the song. Don’t forget to move around to the music, especially if you really need a quick boost in mood.

3. Take a Quick Walk

If you’re not feeling ready to work, or if your project is giving you a few setbacks, feel free to get up and walk around your office space. Your job is required by law to provide you with 15-minute breaks every 4 hours, so take advantage of those and get a bit of light exposure. Even mild exercise can get your brain into a healthier mindset and improve focus. If you can’t leave your building, stand close to the window and sip a bit of tea to feel the sun on your face.

4. Watch a Comedy Routine

Sometimes all you need is a good laugh to feel better. Laughter increases dopamine in our brains, which is the chemical that improves our mood. Laughter also brings more oxygen into our bodies and reduces stress by cooling down our system, which results in a happier you. Next time you’re in a bad mood and have a hard time working, search on Youtube for a 10 minute comedy routine that’s extra funny. SNL shorts are the perfect length and the right amount of funny.

5. Give Your Coworker a Hug

Hugs are great, and everyone could always use a hug to brighten up their day. Who knows, maybe your coworker is also having a hard time working and needs a little pick-me-up. Touching others reduces stress hormones and stimulates oxytocin, which is another hormone that improves our overall mood. If you work from home and don’t have anyone to hug, you can stimulate the same effects by messaging your hands, neck, and forehead.

6. Nutrition and Supplements

Another way to improve your mood is to try supplementing to replace missing or low nutrients the body uses or uses up when you are stressed. These are basic ingredients and micronutrients that help restore balance to your brain and body. 

Sometimes you can't think because you are low in a variety of neurotransmitters like choline which is a precursor to acetylcholine an important ingredient to thinking itself. It may be as simple as not getting enough vitamin B or as complex as stressing too much and burning off your neurotransmitters (brain chemistry). Nootropics are stacks of these vital nutrients and there may be a stack that works well for you. Do your homework and learn more about the chemistry of the body and what causes crashes, stress, and recovery.

7. Vent Your Frustrations

Grab your coworker and ask them to come with you to the break room for you to both vent your frustrations about anything that’s bothering you. Just ranting about something that’s upsetting you can improve your mood instantly because it discharges negative emotions. There is definitely a time and place for venting, but if you have a really good pal at work, you can both help each other out. If you work from home, call a friend, counselor, or family member.

8. Think About the Good Times

It can be difficult to concentrate on the good times when you’re upset, but it’s a good practice to get into. Reflect on three things that are going well in your life, whether it’s the new friend you made, the new high score in your video game, or a great series on Netflix you’re watching. It doesn’t have to be a big moment. You can also reflect on something positive in your past as a sign that the bad times don’t last forever, and good times are on the horizon.

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