Why Aesop's Plant-Based Skincare Line Should be a Part of Your Regimen

Since 1987, Aesop has offered the finest quality skincare to its customers. For years, they’ve invested heavily in finding the best sources of plant-based materials and ingredients to improve their products. Your skin is the largest human organ, so treating it right should become a necessity. It’s a good idea to start using Aesop in your skincare routine for the following reasons.

Why Aesop's Plant-Based Skincare Line Should be a Part of Your Regimen
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Skincare Equals Selfcare

Starting a skincare routine is the best thing you can do to stay youthful and feel self-confident. For skin to remain in good condition, it needs a little pampering, and administering selfcare with Aesop can remove shedding skin, prevent acne, treat wrinkles and leave you looking your best. Neglecting skincare will cause breakouts and dull-looking skin, and deep wrinkles down the line. 

Prevention is easier than correcting. If your skin is spotty or dry, it will take weeks to improve on its overall look and feel. Using a skincare routine takes less time than seeing a dermatologist in the future to address previous neglect. Aesop specifically uses high-quality ingredients that prevent potential skin issues.

Made of All-Natural Ingredients You Can Read

Plenty of skincare lines are filled with a long list of ingredients that use their scientific names rather than their common names. It can be frustrating translating all these ingredients, especially when there are 10 or more. While Aesop skincare uses scientific terms, they’re translated for you on the bottle, saving you time fumbling with dictionaries. 

Not only that, but the ingredients in Aesop products are all-natural. Instead of synthetic materials, you’ll find avocado, almonds, rice, soybeans, and flower oils. Natural ingredients are less inflammatory than synthetic ones and take less time for the products to adjust for first-time users or gentle skin-types.

All Products are Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Aesop's entire skincare line is vegan and cruelty-free, which means no animals were harmed to make their products. No animal-derived ingredients such as honey, beeswax, or lanolin are used in their entire line, making the brand ethical. You can rest easy knowing that the creams and serums you put on your skin aren’t contributing to needless deaths. 

To ensure their label stays consistent, Aesop doesn’t sell in mainland China where it’s required to test all imported cosmetics on animals. Aesop only sells their products in Hong Kong, where there is no testing requirement. Instead, Aesop reviews all ingredients through their Research and Development team before they’re tested on humans.

Aesop's Line is Varied

You’ll be able to cleanse, exfoliate, treat, tone, and hydrate your face all in one skin-brand. You won’t need to experiment with multiple brands at once, which can help your skin adjust to one ingredient group. Shopping their skincare bundles will also make it easier for you to tackle specific skin issues like dryness, too much oil, or an acne-prone complexion. 

Aesop's line of products expands continuously to meet the demands of their customers changing skincare needs. For example, Aesop launched a vitamin-rich hydrating blend for skin affected by cold conditions. The facial treatment contains roses (perfect for hydration) and nuts to deliver rich hydration that gives immediate relief from dry, cracked skin.

Plant-Based Skincare is Full of Vitamins

Natural skincare isn’t just good because it contains plant-based ingredients. Companies have to choose the right kind of vegetables, fruits, and seeds to make the best tonics, creams, and serums. For example, makeup removers often strip skin of its natural oils, but the Remove makeup remover from Aesop is formulated to handle the most delicate skin types. 

Remove contains grape seed, tocopherol, and blue chamomile, which are gentle and don't scrape or damage the skin. Applying the Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser after Remove wipes away surface impurities thanks to the white clay, lavender stems, and chamomile buds.

Aesops skincare is full of expertly chosen ingredients that carefully improve your complexion. Choosing the right skincare products is vital to clean and healthy skin. But with Aesop’s, you can confidently use it because of the reasons above!

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