Enhancing The Experience with Custom Tea Packaging

Drinking tea has become fashionable more and more people are enjoying tea than coffee and in some parts of the world, tea is more favored than any other drink. Thus, selling tea blends has also become a thriving business enterprise. For sure, tea has been an important industry and some countries rely on tea as their top exported produce. However, small and medium enterprises have also taken over the tea market especially on unique tea blends and this has made it even more important to stand out from the competition. The best way to do this is to use custom tea packaging, with your own unique and eye-catching packaging, your product will surely get the attention of tea enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for new blends. 

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Enhancing The Experience with Custom Tea Packaging
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Tea drinking is more of a ceremony and ritual, it has certain rules, and those who enjoy the drink strictly follow such rituals as it would be considered rude not to do so. Moreover, tea drinking is a social activity, while you tend to enjoy coffee as a solitary activity, tea is best enjoyed with company. Using custom tea packaging will help create a new experience of tea drinking among family and friends. 

The Importance of Custom Tea Packaging 

Custom tea packaging will help your special tea blends become a favorite of tea enthusiasts, of course, tea has to be of high quality but using colorful, interesting, and stylish packaging will help in making your product memorable and recognizable. Consumers usually rely on the packaging to decide whether to buy a product or not especially if there is no way to ascertain the quality of the product. 

How the product is presented to the consumers speaks volumes on the perceived quality of the product, if the packaging is shoddy and poorly done, the consumer instantly eliminates it from their choices. So to be able to get an equal chance of being considered to be purchased, the product needs to be packaged in the right way that would appeal to the consumers. 

Moreover, the packaging builds brand awareness and the more recognizable the brand is, the more consumers would buy it. Consequently, brand awareness through custom tea packaging will also serve as a status symbol for the consumer, and drinking it would lead to an improved experience in that well-packaged tea blends will be perceived to be of high quality. 

Choosing The Best Custom Tea Packaging 

There are many custom tea packaging materials available in the market nowadays, from paper to cartons and even glass jars, but the best one would be a packaging that will protect your tea blend from moisture, light, and odors each of these will alter and affect your product. Choose a custom packaging that is both sturdy and biodegradable and one that can keep your tea blends fresher and for longer periods of shelf life. 

It is also better if the packaging you will order lends itself to customization, so you can develop your brand name by creating your very own design, shape, and style. The most common tea packaging used for centuries had been paper, and although it is traditional, it does not help preserve the taste and aroma of the tea blend as paper and boxes can never be air-tight. 

Using a special material called liners, the tea blends are contained in a vacuum-filled pouch that will keep them fresh and secure. A poorly made packaging will not only be ugly to look at, but it may also result in damaged products and wastage that will put a dent in your revenues. 

Designing The Custom Tea Packaging 

Designing your very own custom tea packaging can be a gratifying experience, you get to choose the design, size, and shape of the packaging and this is the opportunity that you can put your personality and vision of your product. The custom tea packaging is made from materials that can be reworked into any size and shape that your tea blends require, may it be for individual use, for bulk packs, and everything in between. 

It is best to have a variety of sizes for your products as most consumers have varying budgets and usage, offering different sizes means that there is something for everyone in the market. The packaging usually is shaped to stand on the shelves, or it can be hanged for space-saving concerns, you can add a zip lock so that the tea can be portioned out and it also stays fresh longer. 

The most exciting part about this custom tea packaging is that it is printable, therefore you can design your logo, choose the color combination and submit this to the supplier and they will print it for you, may it be for a single-use tea blend or the bigger one-pound bag of tea. 

Ordering The Custom Tea Packaging 

Looking for a custom tea packaging supplier is easy as pie especially nowadays that everything can be found online. You can do a quick search on custom tea packaging on your browser and it will instantly provide you with suppliers in your geographical area, though ordering from someone online is not new, it can be challenging if they do not have a store or a website.

Once you have chosen two or more suppliers, try to contact them using your phone, email, and customer service chatbox. Upon contacting them you can now begin to discuss your possible order and the design, sizes, and shapes of the bags that you need. Make sure to ask if they will print your design and whether it will entail additional costs. Ask for the minimum order and lead time and negotiate so that you will get the packaging at the right moment when you need it. 

Although higher volume orders would probably cost less than the minimum order, make sure to know how much packaging you need for your production so you can have enough products to distribute and sell. When everything is in order, ask for a sample of the custom tea packaging so you would know what it looks like and if it is to your liking then you can give the heads up for the order.

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