How to Create a Comfortable Living Space in a Small Home

Decorating a small home can be tricky, but you don’t have to compromise your comfort just because of the size. There are plenty of ways to turn a tiny space into something you’re more than happy to return to after a long day. If you don’t have a lot of room, but you want to make the most of it, read on to learn how.

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How to Create a Comfortable Living Space in a Small Home
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Clean, Clean, Clean

The worst thing you can do to a small space is not cleaning it. The more mess there is, the smaller and grimier it will feel, so you should be making regular and thorough cleaning an essential part of your routine. 

Smaller homes tend to get dirtier faster, so come up with a weekly routine to ensure your furniture, windows, and countertops stay spotless. Windows are particularly important – in a small home, you want to make sure as much natural light comes through as possible, and sparkling clean windows will help with this. If you need a little help getting started, you can hire London cleaners for a truly spotless clean. If you don’t have time to do regular cleaning, hiring cleaners often is recommended. 

Hang More Mirrors

A simple trick to making a small home feel bigger is by hanging more mirrors. Mirrors reflect light, allowing it to bounce around the room and create a brighter, more open space. Plus, there are plenty of gorgeous mirror designs to choose from, allowing you to get creative with the room’s aesthetic. 

Throw Down a Huge Rug

You might think you need to avoid big furniture in a small home, but this isn’t true when it comes to rugs. A large rug in a small room can instantly bring the place together, creating a warm, cozy feeling. Bonus points if the rug is soft under the feet! 

Use Layered Lighting

For optimal comfort, you want to avoid using harsh, direct light. Instead, layer the lights around your home to create a softer display. Aim for ambient lighting by installing chandeliers, wall lights, and floor lamps. The more variety, the better. You could also light a few candles in the evenings for a calming atmosphere and a warm glow – be sure to look around for great-smelling scented candles for an extra piece of comfort.   

Use the Walls

In a small home, there is little floor space to play with, so make the most of the wall space instead. By installing enough shelves, you allow more room for your belongings without cluttering the area. Even plant lovers can enjoy a large selection of house plants by hanging them from the walls! 

Paint Warm Colors

Cool and dull colors can make a small room feel cold and uninviting, so instead, choose warm colors for your walls, such as yellows, oranges, and reds. These shades will instantly brighten the room and make it feel cozy. If you want a little more subtlety with the warm shades, you could always paint just one wall a warm color and leave the rest neural. 

By putting in some hard work and creativity, you will transform your tiny home into a place of pure comfort.

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