Lovenet’s Advice for Choose a Dating Site

The online dating scene in the past used to be way simpler than today. It was easy to choose a dating site back then because there was only one option, The process of choosing the best dating site for you can be daunting and confusing. The stigma that used to come with online dating has disappeared, but the many options have made it even more complicated than when there were one or two options to choose from. 

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There are dating sites offering free services, but there are some that you have to pay before your join, e.g. eHarmony. These dating sites have their own unique features that promise results. If you don’t find a good match on these sites, then their services might not give you the results you were expecting. There are hundreds of reviews of great new dating sites on – take a look and choose the right one to help you find your perfect match.

The most important factor that determines the success of online dating is the dating site you choose. Below is a list compiled with the help of Lovenet – we discuss some of the things you should consider before you sign up for an online dating site or app. 

End Goal

When choosing a dating platform, it is important to think about your end goal. What kind of relationships are you looking to get out of it? Are you looking for a long-term and serious relationship that will lead to marriage? Maybe you want something casual that doesn’t come with high expectations. The good thing is you are going to find a dating site that caters to your end goal. 

You should choose the right dating site for your end goal to avoid frustrating other singles. Imagine the type of partner you want, then ask yourself whether that type of person would choose the site you are about to sign up with. 


The amount of time and money you are willing to invest is a reflection of the kind of relationship you want. If you are looking for a long-term thing, then it will involve putting time to answer hundreds of questions and filling out your profile. This can also mean investing some money in the process by spending money on the site. Look at it this way, you want to find someone who has also put time into the process showing they want a long-term relationship. There are some exceptions to this rule because there are some people who met their partners on tinder through the 26million matches daily. 

The cost of membership of these sites ranges from 9.99-60 dollars a month depending on the type of membership and the length of the subscription. If you are not yet sure about online dating, then it is a good idea to start by signing up for free dating sites. Low investment dating sites such as OkCupid are still a good place for meeting more people than you might offline. 

Past Experience

You should learn from mistakes and don’t let history repeat itself. If you have given online dating a try before but not satisfied with the results, give it another try. Maybe you choose the wrong site. Maybe you took great pictures and spent a lot of time filling out your profile and ended up on unsuccessful dates. 

Do you prefer a site that puts more focus on chemistry and less on physical appearance? Try eHarmony or Chemistry instead of Plenty of Fish or Tinder. Maybe most of the members on the sire were not looking for anything long-term or serious. If this is the case for you, don’t go back to the same site if you haven’t changed your goals because you will be disappointed again. 


Age can affect the success of online dating. No matter your age, you can find someone for you, provided you are using the right platform. 

If you are a single over 30, you can expect to get desired results on sites such as Using Coffee Meets Bagel is not going to give you the results you desire. There are dating sites that cater to men and women over the age of 50. 


Some dating sites cater to specific lifestyles. Christian Mingles is an online community for Christians looking for other Christians. There is even a dating site for single farmers known as Farmers Only. Some other lifestyle-specific dating sites include Catholic Match, Fitness Single, and Millionaire Match. 

Tinder can also be argued to be a lifestyle-specific dating app because of the 50 million users, 79% are millennials. This is why you need to stop and start imagining the type of partner you want to get out of online dating. Are you looking for someone who aligns with your religious beliefs? Do you want someone who is too busy to fill out their profile all the way? Would you prefer someone who goes to the club every night or someone who is settling down? 

The main thing to consider when choosing a dating site is to determine the experience you are looking to get out of it. Is it a lifetime commitment or fun out a couple of times a month? You need to sit down and figure what it is you consider important in a partner, then choose a dating site accordingly. If you want a dating site where you can meet someone looking for a serious relationship, then Tinder and Plenty of Fish are not the best options. 

Maybe you are over 50 years and looking for someone like yourself who is willing to put in the time and effort needed to fill out hundreds of survey questions. You should be ready to try out something new. If you try one site and it doesn’t work, don’t settle. Look for another option that meets your standards and fits your lifestyle. You should find a dating site that is compatible with you, which will increase your chances of finding that special someone.

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