6 Ideas For Entertaining In 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has made large parties and celebrations impossible. But thanks to the vaccine rollout, people can now start thinking about inviting a few friends or family to celebrate birthdays, graduations, or even holidays. However, it's still vital to continue practicing safety and following health protocols until the authorities signal that merriments and festivities can be held just like before the pandemic.

Here are some fun and exciting ideas for entertaining in 2021.

Make Things Bubbly

A party is not fun without a bit of alcohol. So, if you want to be a great host, start your party with some sparkling wine to get your guests into a cheerful mood. Many people have become so stressed with the pandemic and working from home, so a flute of prosecco and some appetizers will surely keep things light and fun. However, a drinking-spree party is still not a good idea during this time. So, don't overflow the party with alcoholic drinks.

Be Elaborate When You Decorate

Go ahead and spruce your place up. Many have abstained from celebrations in the past year. So, in 2021, it's all right to go overboard when decorating. Choose bright and happy colors for your table setting. Buy some flowers to brighten things up. And if you are planning on celebrating outdoors at night, be sure to add some string lights for your patio, veranda, or any outdoor space. There are dozens of string light designs available online. Just pick one that matches your party's theme or motif.

Impress with Your New Found Prowess

With so much time in their hands during the lockdown, many people decided to learn new things, start a hobby, and spend more time in the kitchen. Whatever new skill you have learned, it's time to flex and show them off. If you're one of the many people who started a crocheting hobby, it would be great to use your newly-made doilies on your tables. They can be a fun topic for small chitchat.

Another skill that many people have tried is baking. Anyone can become a home baker. Even if you are a beginner, you can still feature your cakes and other creations for your parties and celebrations. Don't be afraid to show off. Go ahead and have fun making cookies, bread, and other pastries. Just be sure to read the baking instructions carefully, invest in a high-quality kitchen scale for accuracy, and buy the best ingredients you can afford.

Once your friends and family learn that you made the biscotti or banana bread takeaway gifts for your party, they will surely cherish the goodies more because of your hard work. Also, it's good to get unbiased feedback about your baking skills from other people so you can improve and get more tips for your subsequent baking projects.

Wow Them with Chow

If you want to entertain to impress, you should not only consider the mood and decorations, but you should also carefully curate your menu. Ensure that the appetizer, salad, soup, entrée, and dessert go well together and are appropriate for your party theme.

For example, if you are going for the La Dolce Vida experience, a sample menu can include mushroom crostini with prosecco for starters. Lemon-flavored risotto is an excellent first plate, and swordfish rolls are great for the main entrée. End everything with a slice of hazelnut cake or ricotta cheesecake with a small cup of espresso or cappuccino. Wine should always be an option.

Dressing Up is a Yes

Most folks stayed at home for most of 2020, so dressing up fancy for a party is something that many will be looking forward to when attending events. So, if you want to have fun, ask your friends and family to dress up for your party. Just remember to reward them for their effort.

You can think of a party theme to guide your guests on what to wear. Some great ideas for dress-up parties include roaring '20s, disco fever, or a '50s diner scene. Avoid a slumber party theme because people are getting too tired wearing their PJs and boxers all day long.

Send Them Something at the End

As a good host, you should consider giving your guests a gift before they leave your party. It's your way of telling them that you appreciate their effort to attend your celebration while following the government's health protocols. So, a small box of candies, a bottle of wine, or even a pot of herb or cactus are all small gestures to demonstrate that you care.

Guidelines for Entertaining Safely During the Pandemic

Entertaining guests in your home will provide a break from the monotony of staying at home during weeks or even months of lockdowns. Parties will be a welcome relief. That said, you should still observe steps to ensure you and your guests will stay safe from the virus. Here are some tips.

Keep It Small

Keep your guests at a minimum. Imagine the space where you'll be entertaining your guests and picture how many people can fit the area with proper physical distancing. Your guests are your responsibility. If you think that 20 people will not fit inside your house or patio while observing proper distancing, then consider trimming down the number of participants to invite.

Ventilate for Safer Space

Entertaining in the outdoors is the way to go in 2021. So, a suitable venue for a party is your patio or yard. If you don't have a suitable outdoor space, you can still do your party indoor. Make sure to open all the windows and doors to improve ventilation. Another option is to have a picnic in a park or choose a garden venue for your party.

Encourage Proper Hygiene

Always make alcohol, hand sanitizers, and soap and water available to your guests. Ensure that they are exercising proper sanitary steps during your party. Also, encourage your guests and family members to wear masks when not eating to minimize viral transmission risk. Lastly, don't let people congregate around food or drinks. Buffet-style dining is a no-no. It would be better and fancier to have a sit-down lunch or dinner so guests can follow proper physical distancing most of the time.

Despite strict health protocols due to COVID-19, you can still have fun while entertaining in 2021. The six ideas enumerated above will surely make your party at home fun for you and your guests. Just remember it's your responsibility as a host to ensure that your guests follow appropriate health protocols. Always make masks, hand sanitizers, or alcohol-based wipes

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