4 Reasons Why Corporate Wellness Australia Program Can Do with Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation is trending. Corporate America has grabbed it with both hands and the results are evident. Aetna, the insurance giant, recently revealed that they were able to realize savings of up to $2000/employee in health care spending with mindfulness. But corporate wellness Australia is yet to catch on to it.

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4 Reasons why your Corporate Wellness Australia program can do with mindfulness

Bulk of corporate wellness initiatives emphasize on waistlines. As important as physical fitness is to overall employee health, mindfulness comes with a laundry list of benefits that are impossible to ignore. As the business world staggers to normalcy, now’s the time to incorporate mindfulness into your corporate wellness program in Australia. Here are four motivating reasons for decision makers.

#1 – It’s a stress buster

Did you know that Australian businesses pay $133.9 million on an average to workers’ claims linked to workplace stress? Mindfulness might be the most inexpensive preventive measure that you can undertake for this. It’s a proven stress buster.

Stress affects people differently. Also, it can have a wide range of triggers, many of them outside of the workplace. That’s precisely why mindfulness is so effective at preventing it. It improves the workforce’s resilience, making them more adept at tackling stress no matter what the situation. It teaches them to be more aware of their feelings and emotions. It allows them to identify common stress triggers and the problems that may be caused due to it.  Eventually, this progresses into dealing with these problems, rather than mulling over it without taking action.

#2 – It boosts creativity

When you are constantly stressed and anxious, your body is in the fight or flight mode. Research shows that this is not an ideal mental condition for creative thoughts. Mindfulness brings in a sense of calm by allowing the employee to disassociate themselves from stress.

Without stress, the body is no longer in the survival mode. The levels of stress hormones reduce and this brings in a mental clarity that makes it easier to make smart choices and decisions.

#3 – It empowers the workforce to make better business decisions

Mindfulness training such as the one offered by Happy Melon, allows the workforce to attain a state of emotional balance. They don’t feel overwhelmed with a situation, no matter how challenging it is. Focusing on the present moment allows them to be less reactive. This leads to better decision making and greater emotional intelligence.

#4 – It makes them more productive

Most businesses looking for Corporate wellness Australia prefer outcomes that can directly be linked to the bottom line. So here’s one. Mindfulness helps boost productivity. It improves attention spans and focus. Did you know that a condition called ‘Presenteeism’ costs Australian businesses $34-billion every year?

Presenteeism is described as a condition in which your employee is physically present at work, but are unable to perform at their best due to different reasons. Some of the reasons are lack of attention, inability to focus, stress, anxiety and depression.

If you read that list again, you’ll find that mindfulness training ticks off all of these conditions. Are you still skeptical about mindfulness? Click here to speak to Happy Melon to know how they can seamlessly integrate mindfulness training into workplace wellness.

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