How to Visit Texas in Style

With COVID-19 restrictions beginning to be eased throughout the United States, there is no better time than now to be planning your next travel itinerary. At the top of your list should be Texas. The diverse state is home to exciting attractions, top-level cuisine, and unrivaled history that will leave even the most experienced traveler with a hefty itinerary.

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How to Visit Texas in Style
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As the age-old saying goes: “Everything is bigger in Texas.” And yes, that includes everything—local cuisine, shopping, and sight-seeing—are some of the best in the Southern region, and in the country as a whole. As you prepare for your vacation, follow along below to find out everything you need to know on how to visit the Lonestar State in style.

Dress for Success

The Texas heat is no joke, y’all. Especially for those unaccustomed to sweltering summers and dry-heat afternoons. When preparing your vacation wardrobe be sure to include a diverse set of items—layering is key—to ensure you are prepared for the constant weather fluctuations that the state is known for. 

Though you should keep your personal style intact while visiting, some may be compelled to jush-up their wardrobe, Texas-style. At times cliche, a good pair of cowboy boots will make for a fun style addition to your Southern style. Add a tantalizingly stylish flat-brimmed Cowboy hat, and you're all set for a night on the town. 

Especially during the summer months, opt for light-weight and sweat-wicking textiles such as linen and cotton—light-colors that won’t absorb the sun are key, too. Depending on your preferred method of transportation, pack plenty of comfortable and durable shoes, preferably supportive sneakers or flats, that permit movement. After all, walking is the best way to see a new city.

Where to Focus

Visit Texas, Travel America, Texas, Travel
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A multitude of considerations factor into where you will visit during your vacation. Prefer scenery? Focus on Western portions of the state. Enjoy a city setting? Houston and Austin are for you. With the state’s diverse set of attractions and scenery, most travelers choose a combination of urban and rural settings during their vacations. 

San Antonio, one of the most diverse and buzzing cities in the country, should certainly be at the forefront of your itinerary. With a bevy of delicious restaurants and the sprawling River Walk, the city is an inviting mix of modern innovation and cultural touchstones. 

Moving out West, Big Bend National Park offers a historicized and picturesque view of the state. With over a million acres of public land, the park features a variety of outdoor-focused activities such as hiking, rowing, kayaking, and camping. 

Known as “Texas' Gift to the Nation,” the park is home to a portion of the infamous Rio Grande River and thousands of species of mammals, birds, and reptiles. A nature lover’s paradise, the park should be at the top of your Texas to-do list if you enjoy the great outdoors, or just want to get a beautiful photo of nature at work.

Visit Texas, Travel America, Texas, Travel
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Traveling back East, Austin is a perfect choice for urbanites and vacationers looking to explore one of the nation's fastest-growing cities. Home to burgeoning cultural sites like the Bullock State History Museum, the diverse city makes for the perfect home-base for your Texas vacation. 

In addition to natural and cultural sites, The University of Texas at Austin adds a buzzing and youthful energy to the city. Located in the center of the sprawling state, Austin is perfect for those wanting to explore all that the state has to offer. 

Cultural Focus

Texas’s geographic and cultural makeup make it not only one of the most ethnically diverse states, but also a leader in the worlds of art, architecture, and entertainment. Once a part of Mexico and Spain, the state has picked up a lively Hispanic heritage and zeitgeist that makes it all the more compelling to visit. 

Though the entire state has a multitude of cultural offerings, the majority of them are located in the Laredo and San Antonio region—situated in the Southern portion of the state. 

Located in Laredo, Casa Ortiz is a must-see for history-focused travelers. The former home of Don Jose Ryes Ortiz, who negotiated between Texas and Mexico, the beautiful home is filled to brim with artifacts, books, and stunning architecture. 

Nestled in the heart of San Antonio, El Mercado is an open-air market with over 100 vendors displaying traditional and modern elements of Mexican craft. Streets lined with papel picado, hanging paper decorations, make a picturesque setting for the most adventurous shopper. 

A never-ending list of museums, restaurants, and shops make the Lonestar State an experience like no other. On one street, you will find modern skyscrapers filling the airy atmosphere, the next, a friendly vendor selling one-of-a-kind items. And that’s what makes Texas so special. 

Visit Texas, Travel America, Texas, Travel
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Your Visit to The Lone Star State

Whether you are visiting Texas for the sprawling natural scenery or for the diverse cultural

enrichment, your vacation will be like no other. Set against the backdrop of Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande, the state’s natural features are a distinct mix of desert scenery and sprawling wonder. 

Emerging cities like San Antonio and Houston merge nature with exciting urban aspects, making a must-visit for travelers looking to expand their horizons. With the state and the wider country, easing COVID-19 restrictions, there is no better time to book your next vacation. Unrivaled cuisine and attractions will certainly keep you busy. So saddle up, and head to the Lonestar State.

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