5 Places in Singapore Perfect for Nature Lovers

Singapore is truly one of the cleanest and greenest places in the world. While it displays an urbanised aura and appeal, it will be difficult not to notice the burst of greenery and blooming flowers making a peak from every corner and turn. If you are someone who loves nature and seeks joy and comfort in the company of flora and fauna, Singapore is definitely one of the best places to visit. Eco-tourism is a major thing in Singapore and you can really see efforts being put in and steps being implemented to preserve and promote biodiversity. In terms of reaching, you can take bus travel with online tickets since they are easily accessible. All you have to do is book your bus ticket online. 

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5 Places in Singapore Perfect for Nature Lovers

Places in Singapore that Nature Lovers Must Visit

#1 Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens are known for their beautiful lakes, fascinating animals, and a plethora of flowers and plants. It is an ideal inclusion in the list of places to visit in Singapore for nature lovers, who will enjoy walking through the gardens and soaking in the wonderful views and sweet smells. Some of the major attractions at the park include the serene Swan Lake and National Orchid Garden (the largest orchid garden in the world). It is a pleasing sight to see such a myriad of colorful flowers in bloom. Stop by Symphony Lake to enjoy some incredible musical performances. 

#2 Thomson Nature Park

This is a great place to visit for trekking. There are five trails to choose from in the park, each trail takes you on a fascinating sightseeing tour to see ferns, ruins, macaques, streams and the Raffles' banded langur – a highly elusive and endangered monkey. You will also come across other wildlife such as the Sunda pangolin and the Malayan porcupine. The park is also home to a former Hainan village and visitors can get a glimpse of the life that was in Singapore during the 60s. You will also get to see the remains of a rambutan plantation, a farm , and several old village houses. There are old street signs dotting the paths here and there so that you get the feeling that you are walking through an old Kalimpong in Singapore. 

#3 Singapore Night Safari

Everyone visits the zoo during the daytime, but in Singapore, the nighttime safari is one of the sought after experiences. The Singapore Night Safari is a world-class attraction that promises and delivers entertainment and amazement for visitors. It is dedicated to conserving, rescuing, and researching to improve the lives of animals both in captivity and in the wild. Trams and trails take you on a fascinating nocturnal journey to see wildlife after dark. Animals from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the USA live here at this ethical wildlife attraction.

#4 Jurong Bird Park

The first attraction of Jurong Bird Park is one that can have you shivering (literally). It’s the Penguin Coast where penguins are placed in icy environments imitating a place like Antarctica. There are almost 100 penguins of six different species living here and there is much to discover and learn about these birds. Another popular attraction in the bird park is the Flamingo Lake where you can catch a sight of a flamboyance of flamingos relaxing and enjoying their day. Other wonderful birds you will come across in the park are pelicans, Rhea, royal rumble and ostrich.

#5 Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a 164-hectare primary rain forest reserve and a must-visit in Singapore. It is situated about half an hour away from the hustle-bustle of the main city so you will be surrounded by just enough peace and tranquillity. From mountain bikers to joggers, you will come across all kinds of visitors, even more on the weekends. A primary forest is one that has been around for decades and without significant disturbance caused by external forces and hence, such a forest exhibits unique ecological features. Tall timber trees, liana vines and huge ferns are to be found in abundance in the nature reserve. Amidst the lush greenery, stay many species of wildlife. 

How to Travel To And From These Places

Each of these places is incredibly popular, with people from all over the world making sure to visit them while on holiday in Singapore. Especially for nature-lovers, these places are a must-visit. There are numerous online portals that provide a map and directions from various places and what are the most suitable modes of transportation so you book your train tickets and bus tickets online. 

While Singapore may be urbanizing and developing itself into being a modernized world at an incredibly fast pace, there are a few slices of heaven where you can breathe in the clean air and let yourself soak in the lush greenery that surrounds you. One thing you must do is book bus tickets and other public transportation tickets well in advance. There are various portals available that will offer different features and make the entire process easier and hassle-free.

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