All in One Shopping Place by Douglas Ebenstein

Have you ever wondered what makes shopping centers successful? There is a wide array of factors influencing the development of commercial properties, such as location, convenience, basic features, etc.

All in One Shopping Place by Douglas Ebenstein

In the case of malls, success generally depends on the comfort of shoppers and the entertainment opportunities they are provided with. Each shopping center strives to be unique by offering attractive amenities, features, and stores to visitors. There are various types of malls, such as the Hillandale Shopping Center - Doug Ebenstein Property, offering second-hand furniture, clothing, and household appliances to shoppers.

The following aspects are considered responsible for the success of malls.


The location is unquestionably one of the most essential factors both consumers and retailers look for in a shopping center. It has to be lucrative for retailers while convenient for shoppers. Therefore, when developing commercial properties, the presence of tourist attractions is considered highly beneficial for determining the right location.

In addition, shopping places should be nearby main transportation links in order to attract more visitors. No person would bother visiting a mall that isn’t accessible with public transport. Visitors should be able to access it not only by bus but also by metro, tram, and car. Bear in mind that the success of a shopping place is closely related to its location in a particular area.


Another vital aspect shoppers pay attention to when visiting a shopping place for the first time is comfort. Unlike the past, when malls provided no comfort to visitors, existing malls place the accent on the comfort of individuals, not so much on retail space. In order for visitors to feel cozy when visiting a shopping center, there are supposed to be multiple entrances and exits. Consequently, people won’t get crowded when walking along the corridors.

Moreover, shoppers should be provided with a place to rest their legs after spending hours on their feet. Instead of traditional benches, modern centers feature soft sofas and armchairs, which help visitors relax, as well as enhance the design of the facility. Also, the majority of malls include huge TV screens, accessories, and rugs to complement the décor even further. Check out this page for some tips about making customers feel comfortable. 


Entertainment is a core element to take into consideration in the development of commercial properties such as shopping malls. In order for visitors to enjoy their experience, the center should provide a myriad of entertainment opportunities. There should be areas where visitors can attend diverse events like festivals, contests, community celebrations, etc.

Naturally, the events have to be promoted properly so as to attract visitors. Therefore, social media channels are considered the most useful method for attracting a vast audience. Interesting event ideas have the potential to make a shopping place stand out from the competition.

The more unique these places are, the higher the chances of encouraging shoppers to pay them a visit. In the hope of providing high-quality entertainment, many malls nowadays feature rooftop restaurants, jazz clubs, amphitheaters, multiplex, spacious terraces, etc. Keeping customers informed about the social events taking place in malls is indispensable for expecting a large number of visitors.


As mentioned previously, convenience is of extreme value to consumers. It generally depends on the overall design and position of shopping centers when compared to the requirements of visitors. The facility should be in close proximity to public transportation links in order for shoppers to consider it convenient. This link,, explains the main factors to think about when choosing a retail store location.

Additionally, the parking space plays a tremendous role in making a mall convenient. There is supposed to be a sufficient number of parking spots for visitors to park their vehicles even on busy days, such as over the weekend. Imagine the disappointment of individuals when entering the car park and finding no free spot to accommodate their vehicles. There is nothing worse than being unable to park your car after driving many miles to visit the new shopping center in town.

Another aspect related to parking is the number of entry points to the car park. The lower the number of entry points, the worse the congestion. The last thing consumers want is to spend an unreasonable amount of time crowding in the car park instead of enjoying their spare time inside.

Basic features

Malls are expected to offer a number of essential features so as to provide a perfect shopping experience. The ultimate goal is for shoppers to be tempted to spend more time inside the facility and be willing to come back. This goal can be achieved by creating an ideal environment where visitors will lose track of time while feeling relaxed.

Such a perfect environment is a combination of various elements, each one contributing to the way consumers feel while exploring the facility. For example, shoppers place their focus on the array of retailers, the selection of dining options, the choice of amenities, as well as the overall design of the structure.

A diversity of stores

Another key aspect affecting the success of malls is the diversity of stores. Consumers are looking for a vast array of shops and products, which should be divided into zones. Merchandize zones should represent separate levels in orders for shoppers not to end up frustrated and confused.

As far as store diversity is concerned, consumers look for a choice of grocery stores, clothing shops, pharmacies, restaurants, accessory stores, pet shops, toy stores, technology shops, thrift stores, kiosks, etc. When entering a mall, shoppers wish to purchase all the items they need. Therefore, each mall is expected to have at least one of the above-mentioned store types to satisfy the needs of visitors.

The bottom line

Malls are places where individuals should feel comfortable, relaxed, and entertained.

These facilities need an attractive location, proximity to public transport links, a social event program, and a diversity of stores.

Only then consumers would be interested in visiting them!

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