How to Get Started in Jewelry Making & Beads

Jewelry and bead-making can be a hobby and a business at the same time. But before you venture into it, you should get the necessary tools of trade and the expertise required to give you a competitive edge. You are required to familiarize yourself with the basic standards like the length of the necklace, bracelets, anklets, and more for starters. You can also make an effort to make personalized beads and Jewelry by incorporating precious natural diamond beads and semi-precious stones. 

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How to Get Started in Jewelry Making & Beads

Additionally, to be creative in your work, it's essential to learn the trade from other designers. There are many rich resources that you can tap into to get artistic inspiration. These are YouTube, Pinterest, Etsy, and Jewelry Making at  

To succeed in in Jewelry and bead making requires that you get high quality bead making materials. One such place is The Bead Shop. It offers a broad-range of beads, and other materials.

What tools can I use to get the job done?

Let's look at some of the essential tools you require to get you started in Jewelry and beading projects. These tools are:

• Round-nose pliers

• Wire cutters

 Flat-nose pliers

• Crimping tool

• Beading cord or thread

• Memory wire

• Big-eye beading needle

• Assorted ear wires

• Assorted clasps

• Assorted headpins and eye pins

• Crimp beads

• Ruler or tape measure

 Strong adhesive, like E-6000

Once you have the above, it’s time to create passionately artistic and classically elegant items.

What are the standard lengths for necklaces, bracelets, and anklets?

Standards are essential in Jewelry and bead making. Necklaces should be a perfect fit, not too small or too long. Bracelets and anklets should also fit comfortably to ensure they don't fall off or are too tight for comfort. It would be best to use the recommended lengths when making bracelets, anklets, chokers, and necklaces.

The above notwithstanding, it’s advisable to take your clients' measurements before designing and crafting pieces to ensure that they are a perfect fit. These will create some confidence level in your clients and the people you intend to gift the piece of bead or anklet.

How do I choose suitable birthstones for making jewelry?

Gift jewelry gives the recipient lots of joy, but the joy is on another level when it's personalized. You can add the birthstone (or crystal alternative) to the person you're gifting the beautiful accessories too. It would help if you corresponded the month to the birthstone to create a great impression. You can get more information on how to match the month and the corresponding birthstone online. 

Jewelry and bead making is an artistic endeavor that needs nurturing. The beader should keep learning new ideas and trying them out. Since most clients in this industry are more likely to buy the items as a gift, the designer should work at ensuring their work stands out. This means that they will leave behind a trail of delighted clients, who are likely to recommend new clients, and hence bring in good business.

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