5 New & Ultra Useful Camera Features on the Galaxy S21

Samsung’s latest flagship devices that push the boundaries of what a smartphone can do is finally here. With all that power and functionalities packed into one body, it’s understandable that the excitement for the arrival of the Galaxy S21 series is at an all-time high. The series you may not know about yet, continue to find out.

5 New & Ultra-Useful Camera Features on the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Series, Gadget, Phone Camera, Lifestyle
5 New & Ultra-Useful Camera Features on the Galaxy S21

Under the hood, the Galaxy S21 series contains many state-of-the-art hardware and features that the world is looking forward to. However, there are also plenty of useful camera features that may go unnoticed. Features that when used properly, will make your ordinary days extraordinarily epic.

Professional-Grade 12-Bit HDR & RAW Photography

Photography is an enormous hobby and lifestyle for a big part of the world, as it helps us document our experiences and capture single moments that will never exactly happen the same way again. Recognizing this, Samsung has made photography a monumental cornerstone of the Galaxy S21 experience.

With the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s ability to capture photos in 12-bit HDR and RAW formats, semi-professional photographers may not even require a DSLR camera anymore! Photos captured in this mode will contain around 68 million colors (64 times richer color data and more than three times wider dynamic range than the S21’s predecessor), which will allow for smoother transitions between different colors in a photo. This essentially means that significantly less noise will appear, giving the photo a cleaner, higher quality look.

While casual photographers may not immediately notice the impact of this new hardware, professionals will see a convincing step up, especially during the editing process.

Next-Level Vlogging with Director’s View

Samsung has introduced a new and revolutionary camera feature that brings vlogging to a whole new level. Called “Director’s View”, this feature enables video recording from both the rear and front cameras simultaneously. With the Galaxy S21, vloggers can now record and show their viewers what they see in front of them, as well as their own reactions and facial expressions at the same time!

But there’s more to Director’s View than that. This feature also allows users to switch between all camera lenses (ultra-wide lens, wide angle lens, telephoto lens) while the video recording is ongoing, providing a whole new realm of vlogging opportunities.

For example, you can record a fire breathing show by starting with the ultra-wide lens to establish the surroundings and environment. When things get really heated, instantly switch to the telephoto lens for a closeup of the firebreather for an immensely dramatic effect, all while recording your enthusiastic reactions at the same time!

Keep Steady with Zoom Lock

The 100X Space Zoom feature is a nifty one, allowing users to see the furthest and tiniest details from very, very far away. But with so much zoom, it’s understandable that extreme shakiness will render a video unviewable, right?

Fret not. This year, Samsung introduced a new feature to complement Space Zoom. Dubbed “Zoom Lock”, it is an AI-backed program that vastly improves the Galaxy S21’s Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). This AI maintains your focal point and the center of the photo or video frame and causes a slight delay when your phone moves, ensuring that panning while zoomed so far in is gentle and as non-jittery as possible.

Assume you’re one who loves attending concerts, shows, or seminars, but you’re usually unwilling to pay the sky-high prices of front-row seats. Jealous of the rows in front of you who have a better view of the performers? For the Galaxy S21, even the seats at the furthest point from the stage in the hall is no challenge. Zoom in, and you would even be able to see performers’ facial expressions in great, steady detail!

Single Take 2.0 Captures Even More

Single Take was a highly popular feature introduced by Samsung last year. The feature allows users to capture an entire moment in different formats and angles by using all lenses simultaneously. This means that users would only need to snap a photo once, and then choose the best or favorite photo from a wide array of options without needed to snap additional photos of the subject.

On the Galaxy S21 series, the Single Take feature was improved even further. With the addition of slow-mo and highlight videos, capturing and viewing exciting moments from all angles have been made even more effective.

With Single Take 2.0 on the Galaxy S21, your options have been drastically magnified. Capture a moment when a loved one is, say, playing football. Not only will you get a single picture captured beautifully, you’d also capture the entire football moment with your subject looking extra cool. Do it for the ‘gram!

See More with the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s New & Enhanced Night Mode

A camera’s specifications and brand-new features often overshadow existing features that have been tremendously improved. In this respect, we cannot ignore Samsung’s great improvements to the Galaxy S21’s Night Mode photography.

Samsung aims to reach the top of the low-light photography game with the Galaxy S21 Ultra and its improved Bright Night sensor. When Night Mode is activated, the Galaxy S21 Ultra uses all lenses to collect image data and puts together bright and clear photos with minimal noise, with the help of its AI deep learning system.

With these new improvements, you can visit night safaris or play around with low light portrait photography freely like never before.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Availability & Pricing

The Galaxy S21 series is now available for purchase, with extra special gifts worth RM697 bundled in! From now till 31 March 2021, customers who purchase a Galaxy S21, S21+, or S21 Ultra will receive a free Galaxy Fit2 (worth RM179), Galaxy SmartTag (worth RM119), and a Wireless Charger Trio (worth RM399), while stocks last.

For more information about the Galaxy S21 series, please visit Samsung Website 

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