Paganism and the Search for Love

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “paganism”? For most folks, it’s likely something dark, frightening and inherently evil. The truth is that many do not know or understand what exactly this word stands for. For the purpose of clarity, we will quickly start this article by looking at what exactly the word paganism means.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, this word is unhelpfully defined as the engagement in pagan practices. This of course raises another question which requires urgent answers if any sense will be made of this topic.

A little history lesson will be important at this stage. As we can see in this article, the word “pagan” is a derivative of the Latin word or expression “pāgānus”. This was a word used simply to describe anyone who was not a Christian.

In our modern day, Paganism is used to describe folks who practice other religions aside from Christianity and Islam. So, some examples that can be grouped under pagan practices will include Wica, Neo-Druidism, Discordianism, Hellenism, Heathenry and many more.

These are all spiritual beliefs or practices that some folks choose to get involved in. The fact that they have made this choice does not however mean that they cannot live life to the full, including finding love.

Some of these folks find it difficult to find acceptance among “regular” folks. This therefore makes it difficult for them to find love. The surest way of this happening is finding others who share the same belief with them or do not mind them.

It’s for folks in this category that we have written this article to show a simple way through which they also can find and enjoy true love. This is our only focus in this article and not necessarily their religious choices.

Finding Love as a Pagan 

Love is universal and can (should) be enjoyed by all. As someone who engages in pagan worship, your best course of action in this regard is looking for and making use of the services of a pagan dating site. You can visit to learn more about the options from which you can choose.

This offers you a much higher chance of success because everyone coming to that site already knows the type of people who use the site. That means no unnecessary questions or inhibition.

This now leaves us with the question of finding the right site and making the most of it. We shall look at these two issues in the next two segments.

How to Choose the Right Dating Site

Choosing a suitable dating site requires some simple, but yet effective steps. We will quickly list some of these steps right away.

Carry Out an Online Search

The easiest way to start a search for practically anything today is to do so online. A simple search for online dating sites will throw up hundreds of options that are liable to get you confused. However, it’s a start from which you can begin to narrow things down.

Check Independent Review Sites

Sadly, the simple fact that searching for something online is easy also means that it can get all confusing pretty quickly. Imagine having to decide which of the hundreds of search results you should try out.

Of course, every website will promise you the best of everything. Only after you’ve been drawn in will you be able to confirm those claims.

A more effective way of going about this is to use independent review sites. These websites take a close look at the different establishments and give you their rating based on their research which can in some cases include personal experience.

From these reviews, which will usually include between five to ten different websites, you can easily decide on which to consider. This drastically reduces your stress.

Still along these lines, you can also try to find out what others are saying about the ones you’ve shortlisted. This will help you further prune your list down to only the most promising one.

Focus on Niche Based Sites

One great thing to do is to focus on niche based websites. Focusing on a website that serves specific groups or types of individuals will yield a better result than those that serve the general public.

With this done, we will now quickly look at how to get the best from an online dating site.

How to Use an Online Dating Site 

There are a few rules that you should abide by to ensure that your time on online dating sites are safe and fruitful. It’s really not so much different from regular dating in that basically the same process applies, howbeit in a virtual world.

So let’s break this down.

Safety First

This is the single most important rule that you will need to obey. Remember that no matter how lovely the person’s picture or video looks, you really do not know this person and should therefore be careful how you related with them.

To do this, observe the following:

i. Keep all communications on the website until you have gotten to know the person more.

ii. Do not give out too much information about yourself. These include phone number, house address or any other information that can aid a person in locating you.

iii. Do not even share your social media handles until you feel safe enough to do so.

iv. When you feel comfortable enough to meet, do so in a very public place. You should not be in a private place with an online date until you are sure you will be safe in such a situation.

Get Ready for Some Deception

While not usually the intended purpose, most people put images that may not be a true reflection of themselves. They are also likely to say very lovely things about themselves. Your job is to dig through all the self-praise until you get to the real individual.

NEVER fall for a person’s online image; it could all be false. You’ll be shocked at how often people get surprised when they finally get to meet physically. If you focus on the personality and not the surface, you’ll be in a better position to succeed.

Everyone can find love online if the process is handled with precision and care. The short guide we’ve provided above will help you find the site and also begin to go through the process of finding that special someone.

Take it easy and take it slowly and you may just find that person you’ve been searching all your life.

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