How To Pick the Shape & Design For Large Coffee Mugs

In most kitchens, homeowners stock Mexican coffee mugs for guests to enjoy coffee. But as a rule, when choosing one for personal use, there's a lot more thought in the purchasing process than with these generic varieties. You have to decide on the size depending on how much you drink, the shape, and the type of material you prefer.


The idea is to narrow down through a process of elimination which simplifies the process relatively quickly. If you know you'll be consuming more than two or three cups each morning, you might want to look for coffee mugs that are large to avoid the need to refill. An actual mug differs from a cup in that a coffee mug is typically larger and has a handle to grasp when the body is hot. How do you break it down? Let's look. 

Selecting The Perfect Mug For Your Cup Of Joe 

Coffee enthusiasts, for which there are so many, search extensively for the ideal mug from which to enjoy their brew. The hope is to find the perfect size, perfect shape, and material meant to keep the drink warm for as long as you choose to sip or as you travel from one location to another. Finding this dish is a big deal because it will become a favorite piece, one that will follow you everywhere for the long-term. 

** How Will You Use It 

When you shop for new mugs, you need to designate a purpose for the piece, whether you'll use it when commuting or if it will be strictly a stay-at-home dish, and other factors to consider: 

● Where will you drink your morning brew?

● Do you drink coffee only, or will you use other beverages?

● What amount do you drink in a day? 

If you only plan to have your cup of Joe with breakfast at home, a travel cup with a lid might not be necessary, but if you intend to drive to work or at some point travel with your hot beverage, you will need this type of container for safety in the car.  Open to learn new ways to use your coffee cup.

For those who blend other ingredients into the coffee to create unusual recipes, you might need a taller size cup to hold the beverage while blending. You might also be an enthusiast who can drink an entire pot of the brew. 

A typical single serving is approximately 8 ounces, with a pot holding nearly 60 ounces. You can find large mugs of roughly 36 ounces, for if you want to pour the whole pot into a cup, there are even 64-ounce varieties. The only issue is possibly having to reheat the contents. 

A wise decision is to stick with something kind of median size if you're home while drinking. That way, you can keep the brew warm while you sip and refill at leisure. 

** The Material Might Matter 

Generally, porcelain or ceramic is a common material for these dishes. These typically get more use around the house because of their fragility. These are non-porous, disallowing the chance for a change in flavor. 

But another favorite for coffee lovers is stainless steel because it is also non-porous. This material's popularity is due to its ability to keep the drink hot for longer, which is why it's a top choice for mugs used for commuting and travel. 

The suggestion is to avoid paper, foam, or plastic varieties that are disposable because they often change the beverage's flavor. With most plastics and foam (polystyrene), toxins introduce into the drink from these porous materials. Paper ultimately becomes sloppy, with remnants of the cup falling into the drink. 

As a process of elimination technique, people use ceramics at home and stainless steel when away.

Choosing a personal favorite mug that will follow you throughout your days that no one else can use with a design and shape customized solely for you is okay if it's something you keep privately at home. Find out what a coffee mug might reveal about you at 

You don't want to risk it disappearing by taking it outside of the house, and often these are not necessarily appropriate for a work environment or travel. You will likely want to stick with durable material for commuting and use at work using a lid and a stainless-steel body, showing a generic design that does not offend. 

The great thing about coffee mugs is you do not have to buy just one. But keep the special one tucked safely at home where it belongs.

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