Your Next Hotel in the NYC Area to Stay At

Your Next Hotel in the NYC Area to Stay At

Picking the best place to go for your yearly vacation was already hard enough, so why worry yourself more with where you are going to stay when boutique hotels are there to give you that homely feeling that you are used to?

Your Next Hotel in the NYC Area to Stay At
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If you have ever been to a boutique hotel then you already know the benefits that come with it, and it should therefore not be trouble deciding on where to stay on your next trip. These unique set of hotels are designed to ensure that you and your family, friend or spouses get to enjoy the best experience away from home.

If you are ever in New York, you take a visit to one of the many boutique hotels around and get to see the many benefits they offer as follows:

1. Upscale Design
When chain hotels offer you simple aesthetic and designs, boutique hotels have been given a more personalized touch that shows off beautiful architectural designs meant to give you a pleasant view. These views are always a good place to start taking your vacation photos.

The Condor hotel for instance, was designed to create an amazing ambience right from its perfectly trimmed gardens where visitors can enjoy refreshments at any time of the day.

2. Great location
Due to their small sizes, boutique hotels can fit in almost any part of the city, a factor that makes them take advantage of providing attraction sites to visitors.

The Condor Hotel which happens to be located in Brooklyn is surrounded by a number of attraction sites which are just minutes away from it. Some of these sites include the Brooklyn museum, Coney Island, Brooklyn Navy yard, Steiner studios and the Brooklyn botanical garden.

3. Personalized Treatment
Their small sizes are also useful when it comes to providing personalized services as the staff is always available to assist the visitors with whatever they need.

The Condor hotel provides professional assistance in terms of entertainment, transports, tour guides, restaurant reservations and many more. Whatever request you may have, their concierge will be more than willing to help.

4. Private parking
The Condor hotel provides its visitors with private and secured parking at a small fee of about $25 per night. The parking space is convenient and visitors do not have to worry about ticketing.

5. Affordable pricing
Since these hotels are private, the owners have the ability to set attractive prices for visitors as they see fit. With the kind of treatment you get at these hotels, the prices are always worth it.

The Condor hotels offer deals such as a 20% discount if you book a room 45 days in advance for at least five days. They also give a 10% discount if you book a room for more than three days.

These are just a few of the many perks that you can expect to get when you choose to stay at a boutique hotel during your vacation. If you are the kind of person who enjoys the kind of personalized services that you can only find at a spur treatment, then the Condor hotel is where you need to stay. Feel free to check it out whenever you are in Brooklyn or visit for

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