How To Properly Prep A Vehicle For A Long Road Trip

Do you often go for long journeys by car? If yes, then are you aware of the safety measures that are to be taken? The preparation of a vehicle takes a little more than just plugging in your destination into your GPS. Before you leave home, there are simple steps that are to be followed to protect your vehicle, family, and of course, your trip. Here are a few important tips on how to prepare your car for long drives.

How To Properly Prep A Vehicle For A Long Road Trip

Get the Major Repairs Done
If your car has any unusual maintenance items, get them done at least two weeks before you go. This is a very important step and can help you avoid unnecessary car troubles while on the road. 

Check Engine Oil
Check your oil levels and make sure you’re aware of the date you're due for an oil change. Opt for a synthetic motor oil if you are going to take long drives. It will be an excellent time to change your oil if you have not changed it in the last 3,000 miles.

Check the Tires
Tires tend to lose air over time. You have to check the tire pressure and also the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TMPS) because according to the auto blog, they will give you a heads up if there are any problems with your tires. If the tires are showing any tread wear, then it’s high time you replace them.

Check the Coolant
The coolant's mixture of antifreeze and water needs to be checked if your destination is a lot cooler or warmer than home. It's high time to change the coolant if it is required.

Check the Brake System
Check carefully if your brakes make any scraping sounds. Replace the brake pads if there is a burning smell. Take a look at the brake calipers by pulling off each wheel. If you can’t do this yourself, make sure you get a professional’s assistance...better safe than sorry!

Check the Battery
Like a lousy battery, nothing will stop you dead. Verify the battery's capacity and charging systems health by a battery tester. Wipe everything clean and seal it with battery terminal spray.

Check the Belts
Using your hand, you can turn the engine belts sideways to see the friction surface. If the straps are old or worn, or if they have got cracks in the ribs, replace them quickly.

Check the Lights
Make sure all the lights are working. This includes turn signals, headlights, and all running lights. You don’t want to be caught in the dark with faulty lights.

Clean Your Car
Wash and vacuum your vehicle a day before you go. Cleanliness has a positive impact, and it will make you a lot more relaxed and calm during the ride. This, of course, is important when it comes to long-distance driving.
Going for long trips is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Enjoying your ride depends on taking the time to apply the proper steps to get your car ready for that long trip. Not only do these steps to ensure your safety, it will also set the mood for a calm and joyful trip. You won’t regret taking the time to prep your vehicle to be in good shape and ready for the road ahead.

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