Healthy Eating Tips from the NFL

Healthy Eating Tips from the NFL

Few of us need to carry out the tough exercise regimes needed by NFL players. However, there are some healthy eating tips from pro football players that we should all be aware of. What are the foods that these athletes choose and what do they avoid? There are certainly a few surprises to be discovered when we look at what they eat and what they don’t. You can witness the best and healthiest players in action by checking the schedule and purchasing tickets early for games like Cowboys vs 49ers.

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Healthy Eating Tips from the NFL

Make Your Snacks Healthy and Filling

It is easy to make the mistake of nibbling on low-quality snacks that add little value to our diet. This is especially true when you feel that you are short of time to prepare something better. Yet, a far better approach is to choose healthy, filling snacks that give you something extra.

This is the sensible method used by former running back Rashad Jennings. The ex-New York Giants star said that he eats whole foods as snacks. So, instead of eating something like chips, he will choose fruit, turkey meatballs, or something else that keeps him satisfied until the next mealtime comes around.  

The Importance of a Good Breakfast

NFL stars like to start the day with a big, filling breakfast. This gives them the energy needed to get through grueling training sessions and action-packed games. This same approach works even for people with less active lifestyles.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Bees begins the day with a couple of gluten-free waffles or pancakes together with corn grits or potato hash browns and with sausage or bacon. A different approach is taken by former New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall. He opts for seven egg whites added to chicken sausage and cheese.

Cut Out the Things That You Don’t Need

Sports stars need to be very strict about what they eat at all times. This means being extremely careful about what foods they stay clear of.  New England Patriots’ star quarterback Tom Brady gives us an insight into the dedication needed to stick to a healthy diet.

The list of ingredients that he avoids is long and varied. Among the things that he won’t touch are white sugar, white flour, iodized salt, tomatoes, coffee, and dairy products. His personal chef mainly uses vegetables and lean meat when preparing Brady’s meals.

Get the Right Calories

NFL players need to bulk up with a lot of muscle, meaning that they have a high calorie consumption. However, this doesn’t mean that they just go for quantity of food over the quality. They also need to ensure that they are getting the types of food to add calories in the right way.

An example in this case comes from the former Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle Matt Kalil. He pointed out that his daily food intake has to include up to 6,000 calories. To pack in as many calories as possible without adding fat, he sticks to lean protein as well as plenty of healthy carbs, together with protein shakes.

Lots of Fruit and Vegetables

It is easy to imagine football stars tucking into huge meals of meat and pasta. Yet, these athletes also know the value of having plenty of fruit and vegetables in their diets. When you bet on NFL playoff games, you should see that the players with the best diets perform better than the others.

According to figures from 2015, the San Diego Chargers consume 500 pounds of vegetables, 300 pounds of fruit, and a hundred gallons of fruit juice each week.  Not all players like fruits and vegetables, of course. So many of them choose to add them to smoothies and shakes.

Even if you have a completely different lifestyle from the players, some of the tips mentioned here could be of great use to you.

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