Cool Camper: 5 Brilliant Inventions To Simplify And Organize Your Camping Rig

There’s something incomparably satisfying about a campervan that’s been organized and packed to perfection. Cleverly arranged storage can make the difference between a camping trip that’s fun and relaxing, and one that’s stressful from start to finish. If you arm yourself with the latest inventions, like lockable PVC end caps and fruit hammocks, getting organized can be surprisingly entertaining.

Cool Camper: 5 Brilliant Inventions To Simplify And Organize Your Camping Rig

[ photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash ]

1. PVC storage

Whether you’re sleeping in the back of your van or not, attaching a PVC pipe (or two) to the outside of your vehicle is a great way to maximize your space inside. This also allows you to keep awkward items like fishing rods and camping poles organized in a safe place. And if you’re concerned about security, all it takes is a lockable PVC end cap to ensure your items are off-limits to any opportunistic thieves.

2. Cargo carriers and rooftop boxes

If you want to keep your vehicle as clutter-free as possible but have a lot to carry, you may want to consider transferring as much as possible to your roof. The best cargo carriers and rooftop boxes are streamlined and lockable, meaning your gear will be safe and you won’t be wasting gas from wind resistance. If you’re used to driving with a jam-packed car, you’ll love being able to reclaim your visibility through the back windows!

3. Fruit hammocks for the win

Having a bounty of fresh fruit on hand is essential when camping, offering you a quick source of energy for all the hiking, kayaking, swimming, and adventuring on the agenda. However, it’s so often the case that you arrive at your destination to find your carefully arranged fruit in a jumble. 

If you’ve had enough of bruised apples and shopping bags full of squishy banana juice, the easiest option is to invest in a hammock for your fruit. Designed just like the ones we humans love to rock in, fruit hammocks offer ventilation, and most importantly, they move with the rhythm of the road, preventing your sweet cargo from getting damaged.

4. Hanging chairs for relaxation
Imagine yourself sitting outside in your camping area, experiencing nature in its purest way, gazing at the stars, Beautiful, isn't it?

To enjoy this experience to the fullest, what you can do is take a hanging chair along with you while camping. There is a whale of varieties you choose from, the most loved one is of course the Hammock Chair. It's relaxing and can make your camping trip more wondrous.

5. Collapse, roll, and fold

From buckets and trash cans to kitchenware and dish racks, you’d be surprised at how many things have now been made collapsible, rollable, or foldable! These items retain all their functionality while also having the nifty ability to reduce down to a fraction of their size, making them a breeze to store. Whether you check out your local camping store or browse online auto parts and equipment stores, these items are also a lot of fun to shop for. 

6. The perfect soundtrack

Sometimes, the best way to get motivated and organized is to pump a playlist full of your favorite tunes. If you’re the kind of person who just operates better with a soundtrack, consider investing in a good quality waterproof speaker for your next trip out into the wild. Music can be an excellent backdrop for relaxing around the campfire, and it is the perfect way to pump yourself up for a day of adventure in the wilderness. Just make sure you’re considerate of other campers when setting the volume!

There are as many ways to organize your camping rig as there are humans that own them. The ultimate design you go with will be unique to you and your camping style. The most important thing to keep in mind is that this doesn’t have to be a frustrating chore. If you pump your favorite tunes and arm yourself with some of the brilliant inventions listed above, you’ll find getting your camper organized to be deeply satisfying.

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