5 Tips on How to Find Your Perfect Shade of Blonde

5 Tips on How to Find Your Perfect Shade of Blonde

Blonde is where the fun is at. It highlights your face, accentuates your eyes, and brings out your inner confidence. What more can you ask for? So, you want to be blonde. Or if you are already, you’ve been looking for that extra oomph to your hair color. But how do you find the perfect blonde for you?

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5 Tips on How to Find Your Perfect Shade of Blonde

Explore these five tips to know your perfect match

1. It’s in the skin tone

Is your skin tone in the warm or cool side? Your complexion matters when choosing a hair color that complements you. Unsure about your skin tone? Check out the veins on your wrist. If most of them are blue or purple, your undertone is in the cooler spectrum. If they’re mostly green, you sport a warm undertone. If they’re both green and blue, your undertone is neutral. And neutral undertones get the most fun – they get more color choice! 

Usually, cool-toned people with pale or pinkish skin color are more compatible with delicate blondes. Think beige, ash, or baby blonde. Meanwhile, warm-toned people with dark or golden-toned complexions suit honey blondes. Choose from golden, caramel, or butter tones.

2. Look into your eyes

Your eye color is another factor to consider when choosing the perfect blonde color.
You’ll need to identify how much contrast you want. For instance, lighter eye colors fit soft, multi-toned blondes. On the other hand, darker eye shades complement deeper, fuller blondes.

3. Think about maintenance

How committed are you in maintaining your hair? Before heading to the salon and going blonde in a heartbeat, consider the maintenance it will require. If you’re going full-on platinum blonde, chances are that you’ll be seeing your colorist ever so often.

If you can’t keep up with that routine, you may consider other options like purple toning drops. Pick a blonde that’s closest to your natural hair color so it wouldn’t look obvious once it grows. Or you can opt-out of a full blonde look and go for an ombre. That way, you don’t need to visit the salon too often for touch-ups.

4. Choose your lightness

Now, it’s time to consider your preferences. There are quite a lot of different blonde types – from platinum to light to dark! Once you go to the salon, your colorist will ask how light you want your hair to be. It will be much easier to choose when they show you sample hair colors and see how it matches your skin tone.

5. Find a good blonde tone

Blondes come in a ton of undertones. You can choose from the following:
· Natural blonde – This is the classic, natural color blonde. They attract more light compared to uncolored hair so they appear glossier. Shades can range from medium, light, to very light blonde.

· Golden blonde – The golden tone emanates warmth. Think sun-kissed, bronze, and honey hues. It instantly captures the attention and screams energy. Light bounces off golden blondes, which gives off the illusion of fuller, glossier hair. If you think you need to look more youthful, consider being a golden blonde.

· Cool blonde – Cool blondes have grown in popularity throughout the years. They give off a cool, calm appearance – a stark contrast to the previous warm-toned blondes. Ash blonde, in particular, is one popular trend that gives a bluish smoky tinge to the hair. You can go from dark to extra light ash – whatever you prefer!

Extra tips for a stunning crowning glory

Protect your hair

Bleach destroys your hair, but you will likely need it to get the right blonde shade you want. Good thing salons are now equipped with hair treatments to protect your hair against harmful coloring chemicals. Ask your colorist about your options.

Maintain that perfect blonde

Doesn’t it suck that you spend so much dying your hair blonde only to see it fade within a few weeks? You can extend the life of your hair color with a few tips and tricks. These include washing your hair less, using a blonde-specific shampoo formula, and rinsing your hair with cool water.

Find a good wig

Still not convinced to go blonde for good? Get a good human hair wig and try out the blonde life first.  This way, you won’t mourn for your precious hair if you don’t like the blonde type you’ve chosen. You only need to put on your blonde hair and take it off when you get home.

At the end of the day, choosing the right hair color will depend on your preference. Trust your gut feel and find the shade makes you the most confident. This guide can only do so much!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips! I recently switched to a gorgeous shade of blonde using sew in hair extensions, and it's truly transformed my look. Can't wait to try out your suggestions!


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