8 Witchcraft Books That Some People Believe That Do Exist

8 Witchcraft Books That Some People Believe That Do Exist

When you hear the word “Witchcraft,” the first thing that comes into mind is the sorcery that witches carry out back then when there was no electricity nor physical currency, medieval times. In more technical terms, witchcraft is the practice of supernatural powers with the use of rituals or spells, and witches are more known to practice these especially dark magic.

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8 Witchcraft Books That Some People Believe That Do Exist

Now that the world is more civilized, today’s witchcraft is usually used to stop evil or to stop someone from harming themselves, which is quite ironic compared to how witchcraft was done back then. Witchcraft was known to be used for evil purposes, however, it’s now used for healing or protection from evil.

What Are Witchcraft Books

In recent years, the media has always portrayed witchcraft to be as gruesome as it can be, and now it has gained a massive following despite its past. This is all because of recently published books that can aid people to have better lives. To know more about witchcraft books and its contents, you may visit mysterioushearland.com.

A Witch’s Bible

A Witch’s Bible is made by Janet and Stewart Farrar, and you should look no further if you’re the one who would do some witchcraft. This book is labeled as the most revealing and most comprehensive guide about beliefs, rituals, and modern witchcraft. The Witch’s Bible covers almost everything from magic casting to running a witch’s gathering.

An Illustrated History: The Occult, Witchcraft, and Magic

Ages ago, the fine line between witchcraft magic and science is indistinguishable as there are alchemists that experiment on things in discovering the production of steel and astrologers made it possible for the heavens to be a map. The illustrated history of witchcraft from Christopher Dell demonstrates the uncharted history of occults and dark magic.

Raising Hell

Raising Hell by Robert Masello is also labeled as “The Comprehensive History of the Dark Arts,” and it’s also similar to an encyclopedia but for a wide variety of the occult arts. Within the book, there you’ll find intriguing discussions and illustrations about alchemy, astrology, and necromancy, thus the title “Raising Hell.”

Wicca A to Z

For those who are unknowledgeable about Wicca, it has a distinct difference between witchcraft itself. To be more precise, Wicca is about creating magic items such as talismans, amulets, herbs, and many more. The book Wicca A to Z by Gerina Dunwich has a diverse guide about all of it as it is dubbed as an encyclopedia for modern witches.

The Modern Guide To Witchcraft: Your Complete Guide To Witches and Spells

The witchcraft classics is good and all, but how do people apply it to modern civilizations? The Modern Guide To Witchcraft by Skye Alexander teaches its readers how to use their inner witch powers to affect the world around you that you create your charms and incantations as you discover your inner magic.

The Spiral Dance

The original print of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk was made almost four decades ago, and this book has a comprehensive guide on awakening the inner witch of an individual. The book has also a guide that embraces the worship of the Goddess and using it to uncover and empower an individual’s inner magical prowess.

Lovecraft and the Black Magickal Tradition

For the people who want a good books to read but a little more on the weird side of witchcraft, the best pick would be the Lovecraft and the Black Magickal Tradition by John Steadman. This book has a vast list of genuine occult influences and traditions on witchcraft magic and practices. There are chapters within the book about necromancy, the church of satan, and chaos magic.


Written by a New York Times best-selling author Erica Jong, the book Witches has an exhilarating concoction of witchcraft beliefs, elixirs, and hidden mysteries. Erica Jong combines nonrhythmic literature and expressive rhythmic literary work to illustrate an exploration of a witch’s rituals, rites, and recipes throughout the history of witchcraft.


Witchcraft practices have been a part of life for some people all year round, and others are just interested or a little bit curious to know what it is and how it works. There are even people who are only interested in the complete history of witchcraft, which is the reason why there are different varieties of books about it to help people gain an understanding of it.

Whether if a person has been doing witchcraft for countless years or just starting because of curiosity, witchcraft books had become the means to learn more about it. Although there is a wide range of witchcraft books to choose from, this article should help you in deciding where you want to begin your journey on witchcraft.

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