Add Ons to Make Your Home Classier

Add-ons to Make Your Home Classier

Beautifully built houses need not only look fabulous on their exteriors. Surely, your contractors have covered that department of aesthetics of your home with different kinds of materials, paint colors and landscaping design, but it doesn’t have to stop there. You should continue to wow your visitors as they get inside your home.

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Add Ons to Make Your Home Classie
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Here are some ideas on how to add a touch of class to your home:

1. Attractive Foyer Piece

Upon entrance make an impression of what to expect beyond your entry hall or hallway. If it’s a narrow rectangular passage from your main door, a dresser or a console table on either side of the space or both can be a functional decorative piece. With dressers, you can use it as a storage, too. There you can add a touch of class by putting a shallow crystal or brass bowl for your car keys or welcome chocolates. A vase with fresh flowers or a table lamp can also carry the job.

You can replace your console table with a foyer table if your entryway is open and larger. With a foyer in your house, visitors will naturally feel welcome inside your home.  

2. Chaise

One statement piece that you will surely love to have in your living room is a chaise. Make it stand out. Choose an upholstered piece in classy materials or prints. Make it a conversation starter for your guests who will stay in your living room.

Choose to go bold when making a statement, it should break the monotony of your design concept, especially if you are sticking to a certain theme or trend in your decors.

3. Wardrobe

If your living room has a statement piece, so your master’s bedroom must have too. A dresser will come in handy when it comes to space inside your bedroom, but you want to go extra, that is why a wardrobe is a better choice. Aside from the real purpose of it in keeping all your outfits in order and your room clutter-free. It’s also one key furniture in keeping a happy home because there’s no such thing as too much wardrobe for the lady of the house.

Have wardrobes experts do the job. Have one installed that will fit the space you have, accommodate the number of outfits you own and your future purchases.

4. Wall Art

An investment it is, especially if made by a renowned artist or a collectors’ item: a rare piece of art strategically hung on the focal point of the house.

 Choose a subject that blends well with your home interiors and decors. Artworks can make a room classier even more for its added elegance, so go ahead, attend auctions, who knows you might end up collecting your own pieces of artwork and display them on every wall of your home.

5. Lights

Great lighting is absolutely everything. Lightings induce an absolute drama to the mood of a certain area or space in your home. Don’t limit your lighting fixtures, go all the way from a classy chandelier in your living room, pendant lights on top of your dining table or island, wall scones for your bedside or simply a decorative element on your reading nook. If you make it right, the total look of your home will be enhanced. 

The list could go on, on how you can make your home classier by improving on the smallest details you can find. Those add-ons for the finishing touches of decorating your home will complete the overall look of your home. 

Thus, make smart and elegant choices in designing your abode. After you put together all the pieces you’ve added to your home, you might find yourself designing your family’s and friends’ houses. 

You might get passionate about this endeavor, you might even want to start blogging about the improvements you made in your home and inspire others to consider decorating their own homes as well.

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