Stylish Fashion Accessories for Spring Summer 2020

Stylish Fashion Accessories for Spring Summer 2020

If you are wondering what the fashion world will reveal in next spring’s collections, you have come to the right place, as we have had some inside info on what will be trending on the catwalks in the coming few months. Here are just a few of the hot items that are going to be evident in the 2020 spring & summer collections.

Stylish Fashion Accessories for Spring Summer 2020

Oversized Victorian Sleeves

These stylish puffy sleeves are firmly back in vogue, and if you still have some 80s tops, they can be put to good use by matching with a pair of loose-fitting jeans or a gypsy style wrap-around skirt. These create the illusion of a smaller waist and add some femininity to any look, and there are online boutiques with a collection of flowery oversized sleeve blouses that are ideal for summer wear.

Chunky Boots

These are being worn with feminine dresses, with a return on the 90s rugged girl look. Dr. Martens are again in fashion, so if you already own a pair, dust them off and get the polish out and get ready for next spring and summer. If you take the time to visit a few second-hand cloth shops, you might get lucky and find a pair of boots that are your size.

Silk Scarves

If you’re looking for the best in silk scarves, look no further than the fabulous collection by Victoria Ragna, who offer a great collection of color and printed silk scarves that are great for every occasion. Bold patterns and rich, deep colors allow you to add a layer to your outfit, and with a few ordered online, you have great accessories for every occasion.

Pastel Coloured Bucket Hats

Apart from looking great, bucket hats offer the best shading, and pastel colors are all the rage next year. Ideal for the beach or summer garden parties, or simply when potting around in the garden, bucket hats are perfect with a jumpsuit or some stylish overalls.

Stylish Bucket Bags

These are back with a vengeance, with pastel colors that add a new dimension to any outfit, and what began in 1932, as a method to keep champagne cool by the French bag designer Louis Vuitton, is now a very fashionable accessory. You can match with a bucket hat for a real rugged outdoor look, and aside from looking great, bucket bags are very functional.

Raffia Bags and Hats

With the focus on eco-friendly materials, raffia offers a rustic look with hats and bags that look great. Sombrero hats definitely give you all the shade you need and go well with a gypsy look that could include some of your sterling silver jewelry and flowery garments. Petunia oil makes for the perfect scent for such a look, just be careful and apply only a minute amount as it can be overpowering.

If you want some more information about next year’s in-vogue fashion accessories, search online and you will find many blogs that highlight incoming trends. By getting informed ahead of time, you can make all the right purchases and have accessories that really do turn some heads!

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