3 Aspects You Didn't Know About Cloud Technology

3 Aspects You Didn't Know About Cloud Technology

All the activities that require data transmission and that we carry out on a daily basis, from our laptops, smartphones or tablets, are not tasks that are housed in our computers, but rather in the “cloud” of the internet. The most competitive companies have decided to adopt this type of services because of the ease of access to the data, at any time, place and because it is easy to implement, since they are services at low and reasonable costs where you pay only for the consumption made.

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3 Aspects You Didn't Know About Cloud Technology

Another factor that motivates logistics managers to acquire this type of cloud services is the highly technological security they offer without the need to buy them, but rather by acquiring them according to the needs of each company.

Thanks to these tools, it is no longer necessary to invest large amounts in a data storage infrastructure that has to be replaced every five years. It is currently possible to verify that the cloud is becoming something every day, as normal processes that both people and companies use for day-to-day tasks. 

Next, we show you 3 aspects that you surely did not know about the implementation of cloud services for everyday life and business. Anyway, you can get more info about cloud services by visiting www.facts.net.

1. From the desktop to the cloud: an environmentally friendly process

The services in the cloud, not only offer benefits and advantages for the users, since in some cases, they have become technologies that can considerably reduce the ecological footprint, contributing to the conservation of the environment and, above all, generating significant energy savings. 

If companies continue to adopt cloud services, it is expected that there could be a decrease in air pollution of 85.7 million metric tons per year by 2020. In practice, the above translates into the fact that if, for example, the devices of the future will be lighter and lighter, with smaller batteries or without them, or even with a lower memory capacity, it will be with the certainty that Cloud applications and tools will be available to everyone, permanently and uninterruptedly.

2. Reduce costs with cloud technology

The main trends of the use and development of software in the cloud or Cloud Computing for companies are that they allow them to obtain noticeable savings in infrastructure, in addition to focusing the core business of the business without having to lose the point of attention. Another advantage is that they allow access from anywhere, with the possibility of sharing information among multi-users.

3. The most innovative and competitive companies are already in the cloud

The availability and technology at a lower price, is the main motivator of companies that in addition to improving their services, seek to optimize, or reduce costs with cloud technology for logistics processes. To optimize cloud cost management, it is best to consult with a managed cloud services provider who can determine the best cloud resources for your IT infrastructure.

However, cloud services, rather than being a key element to reduce costs, is a competitive the advantage for small and medium-sized businesses that seek to go above the competition, adapting available technology that helps them match or improve the level of service compared to large retail companies. 

One of the main concerns of the new companies that adopt technology in the cloud, is to provide problem solutions proactively for the shopping experience of the end customer, thus making a difference as to what the competition could provide.

Most of the retail companies that have e-Commerce services, in addition to the great Internet pointers such as Google, Netflix, among others, base their business in the cloud and that is one of the points where they manage to be more competitive then others.

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