Is It Ok to Wear Underwire Bras

Of the many questions that surgeons receive from breast reduction patients, when they can start wearing underwire bras again is one of the most common. Many women are lead to believe that they aren’t meant to wear underwire bras at all after their surgery, while others are given different information about when they can start wearing them again. Naturally, this can be quite confusing and frustrating if you want to start purchasing new bras.

Is It Ok to Wear Underwire Bras after Breast Reduction Surgery?

Wearing Underwire Bras after a Reduction: What’s the Answer?
Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question. This is mainly because there is no concrete research that has mapped out a specific timeline that clears patients to start wearing underwire bras at a specific point.

Reputable plastic surgery clinics such as will offer a different answer to this question because there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration, including how a patient reacts to the surgery. If there had to be a ballpark answer, most surgeons tend to give patients the go ahead to start wearing underwire bras again after two months.

Wearing Underwire Bras after a Reduction: The Protocol
Once you're the post-operative dressing is removed a few days after your surgery, your surgeon will provide you with a sports bra that will need to be worn day and night for at least two weeks, if not three.

After this period, patients can either continue wearing the sports bra or switch to something more comfortable, supportive bra. An underwire bra does fall into this category but it’s not very comfortable to sleep in, which is why you may want to hold off a bit longer, at least until you don’t need to wear a bra at night anymore.

The aim is to provide your new breasts with enough support so that the improved shape can be maintained for as long as possible and your breasts can ward off the effects of gravity. When shopping for a bra after your surgery, look for something that is breathable has adjustable straps and won’t place unnecessary pressure on your incisions.

It’s not uncommon for your breasts to change size during your recovery, mainly because of the swelling. It’s for this reason that surgeons recommend waiting before you start buying new bras, particularly if you plan to spend money on a new collection.

The more time your breasts have to recover, the more accurate the size of your breasts will be. Over and above the swelling, the incisions along the crease of your breasts will be inflamed and tender for a few months and an underwire bra will only aggravate this. If you’re wearing a bra that is chaffing your incisions, you also increase your risk of developing an infection, which isn’t ideal either.

Overall, it’s safer to wait at least six months before you start buying and wearing underwire bras. Above all else, rather follow your surgeon’s specific instructions as your results are what’s most important.

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