HairBro UK: The Solution to Hair loss

HairBro UK: The Solution to Hair loss
With more than 10 years of experience, Hairbro specialized in manufacturing high-quality hair replacement systems and have served thousands of customers from all over the world. In addition to the high-quality hair replacement systems, the professional customer service of HairBro also owns a great reputation among all the customers. Even if you are a new wearer and know nothing about the hair system, you can still find a hair replacement system perfectly fits your head. From ordering to wearing, we are always here for you!

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HairBro UK: The Solution to Hair loss

For the new wearer, the first step is to find an ideal system base which is always the most difficult. However, you can easily find a suitable hair replacement system, as long as you know the features of different system material and what you need.

There are three main base material for hair replacement system: lace, poly, and mono

The lace material is soft, breathable and can provide a natural hairline. The honeycomb structure of lace material allows heat and moisture to escape!


The mono hair system is breathable and durable, it can last around one year. However, mono a little bit stiffer than lace (that why it is more durable), so it is less comfortable than lace.

The appearance and durability of the poly hair system depend on its thickness. The thicker poly hair system can last longer, but its appearance will be less natural. The injection ventilation of the poly hair system leaves no dark knots.

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