Trying Something New: 5 Activities That Test Your Fitness And Dexterity

Trying Something New: 5 Activities That Test Your Fitness And Dexterity

Let’s be honest, the the gym can be a daunting place to be if you are not really that familiar with how to use the equipment there and it might also prove to be an environment that doesn’t challenge or stimulate you if you feel that you want some new challenges to test you.

Trying Something New: 5 Activities That Test Your Fitness And Dexterity
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Away from the gym, there are plenty of different activities that will test your fitness levels and even improve your dexterity if you have a go at axe throwing, for example.

Lots of different ways to enjoy a good swim

There are plenty of positives associated with the simple exercise of swimming and because the buoyancy of the water helps take the strain off your joints you should be able to challenge yourself to a greater extent.

You don’t have to head to the local pool for a swim either, as you can mix things up with a bit of freshwater or sea swimming if you pick a safe and recognized spot to put yourself through your paces.

Swimming is a great workout routine and it can improve your mental wellbeing too, and the icing on the cake is that you have a choice of environments to keep it fresh.

A great way to exercise your muscles

Who wants to pull some weights when you can try something completely different that really gets your blood pumping and gives you a great workout?

Axe throwing is an excellent way to enjoy a fantastic cardio workout and it is a lot of fun at the same time.

Learning to throw an axe is a positive way to get in some valuable exercise and it is so enjoyable that it is good for relieving stress too. Axe throwing helps work your core and shoulder muscles and you will probably find it improves your dexterity as well.

Meditation in motion

Axe throwing is a great example of an exercise that combines physical challenges with mental stimulation and another great way to achieve that aim is by trying Tai Chi.

This martial art teaches you to enjoy better body balance and the combination of movement with meditation makes it an exercise regime that is worth adding to your weekly workout routine.

Yoga with a twist

You will no doubt already be aware of the positive points of yoga when it comes to keeping your body supple and clearing your mind but you probably don’t associate it with keeping fit.

Hip Hop yoga changes all that and the pace of doing exercises at a hip hop tempo will definitely test your fitness levels.

Try an obstacle course

Finally, another great way to challenge yourself would be to have a go at some obstacle courses.

See if you have any in your area and the crawling, climbing, and sprinting you have to do to complete the course will definitely show how fit you are and even though it will be hard the satisfaction you get when you finish is reward enough for your efforts.

Try something new and a bit different to help you reach your fitness goals and feeling the burn probably won’t be as enjoyable as it is when you broaden your horizons and mix up your routine.

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