How to Properly Care for Your Hair Extensions

How to Properly Care for Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions often have a mixed reputation of being high maintenance and also of not needing any good care to keep them looking and feeling their best. The reality is that, while they are not what should be considered high maintenance, they don’t really require a lot of specialized care in order to keep them looking and feeling gorgeous for many months of wear.

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How to Properly Care for Your Hair Extensions

Just why is it important to care for your extensions?

Improper care of your hair extensions will not only damage your extensions and lead them to not last as long as they should have, but it can potentially damage your natural hair. It’s important to tend to the needs of your hair extensions, as some may require a bit of different care than others.

Proper care will include a brushing routine after every wear, hydration and the use of products that won’t use chemicals that could potentially damage the hair of the extensions.

Just how do you care for human hair extensions?

According to J’adore invisible hair extensions details, it’s important that you wash human hair extensions using shampoos that are free from sulfates and parabens. The focus should be on the root area. It’s also suggested that you don’t use chlorinated or saltwater on your hair extensions. This can prove to be difficult during the summer months when many of us are in and out of the ocean or a swimming pool. If this is the case for you, you should use a dechlorinating shampoo that will strip the chlorine from the extensions if you’ve spent time in a swimming pool.

Another important consideration is that you should avoid going to bed with wet hair. Wash, condition and dry your hair and keep it in a brain or pigtail overnight to keep it as tangle-free as is possible.

Avoid using high heat on your extensions as it can potentially lead to the hair becoming brittle, frizzy and breakage.

If your extensions come with instructions for care, be sure to follow them so that you can minimize any damage to them. Lastly, proper and careful storage of hair extension is also important. Look for a quality hair extension case to protect it from dust, dirt and light. 

How do you care for synthetic hair extensions?

While human hair extensions are often the preferred and recommended option, many do still find that synthetic extensions are a good budget-friendly option. The concern is that synthetic hair will look very dull, very fast. While some types of synthetic hair extensions are okay to style using heat, it’s important to only use low heat so that the hair doesn’t melt. Washing the extensions should be done with a shampoo designed just for synthetic hair. The hair should be combed through carefully once dry, to remove as many tangles as is possible.

Caring for clip-in extensions versus attached extensions

If you’re wondering if there’s a difference between caring for your clip-in extensions and your sewn in or glued in wefts, you’ll find that there are some subtle extensions. Clip-ins are designed to be worn periodically and temporarily. Washing and styling of these extensions shouldn’t be done quite as often as you would for your attached extensions. Attached extensions should be washed and styled much more frequently in order to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

Be sure to always follow the instructions that your stylist gives you so that you are assured of beautiful extensions that look wonderful for many more events and occasions.

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