Top 5 Hairstyles with Virgin Hair Which Created Rage

Top 5 Hairstyles with Virgin Hair Which Created Rage

There are different virgin hairstyles that you can choose. But even before getting into hairstyles with virgin hair that you can choose from, it is first essential for you to know the type of virgin hair that is suitable for you.  It is always true that wearing virgin hair is one of the best ways to protect your natural hair and at the same time achieve a natural and attractive look. Basically, all human hair bundles will instantly add volume to your natural hair. 

Top 5 Hairstyles with Virgin Hair Which Created Rage

Virgin hair extensions from HairGets is preferred by many; from celebrities to ladies who just want to look and feel beautiful. The best thing about virgin hair is that it never disappoints when it comes to transforming your look. And they look even more beautiful if you use accessories like cute claw clips.

So what exactly is virgin hair extension?

Hair extension can only qualify as virgin hair if it is 100% pure. This means that the hair has not gone through chemical processing when purchasing it. Virgin hair extensions are not color-treated, permed, bleached, dyed or even blow-dried.  The hair only comes from one donor. The different types of virgin hair extensions include;

Virgin Brazilian hair Extensions
This type of hair is silky, luxurious, soft and durable. They also shine naturally for a long time

Virgin Peruvian hair Extensions
The hair extension can be straight or wavy. You can also choose from coarser and thicker options

Virgin Malaysian hair Extensions
This virgin hair is characterized as curly, wavy and thicker. Straight virgin Malaysian hair is also available.  The hairs are also soft and silky.

Virgin Indian hair Extensions
Virgin Indian hair can easily be curled and styled. It blends well with natural hair, is light and bouncy.

Top 5 Trendy Hairstyles Using Virgin Hair Extensions
Finding the best hairstyle for virgin hair is what makes the difference between a casual look and an attractive, covetable look.  If you do not find the right hairstyle, your self-confidence might as well be affected. If your natural hair does not have the volume and length that you really admire, then a virgin hair extension can be the best solution for you.

Remember These Points When creating hairstyle using the Hair Extensions
● Pay attention to the face of your shape. Different hairstyles fit perfectly depending on your face shape
 Which look do you want to accomplish? Social media platforms can come in handy if you're going to get the trendy hairstyle
● Ensure that you properly wash the hair before creating hairstyle. This will make it easier to style.
● To reduce tangles, use hair serums. When applying hairstyles, tangles always form and this can damage the hair leading to hair fall

1. Side part and side plait hairstyle

● Thoroughly wash your hair
● Try middle parting if you have a heart-shaped face
 For round or square face shape, try a deep side parting
● Any parting can work for oval face shape. This shape can actually fit any hairstyle
● Plait one side of the hair and curl or straighten one side
● If the hair is not long enough, you can use tape in hair extension or clip in hair extension to create this hairstyle.

2. Headband hairstyle

This is one of the easiest and fastest virgin hair extension hairstyles that you can consider. The only requirement is a headband.
● Select your preferred headband color
● Gently comb the hair to remove tangles
● You can either part the hair or choose the normal headband style
● Then place your hairband                                   
● Try to interchange hairbands to determine which one suits you best

3. Short bangs hairstyle

This is one of the best short hairstyles that anyone can adopt. You can cut the hair at home using an easy to follow procedure. You can also watch some of the best YouTube videos on how to cut bangs.

4. The loop pony

This is also one of the best hairstyles that you can achieve with virgin hair extensions.
● Twist the hair into a bulge
 Do not pin the ends, rather, let them free
 This hairstyle can go well with both working ladies and high school students. In short, it is the best virgin hair hairstyle for everyone. In case you shave short hair, add the virgin bundles to get fuller length.

5. Claw clips hairstyle

The hairstyle can also be made within a short time.
● Brush the hair properly
● Put your palms on the scalp and gather the hair together
 Twist the hairs, roll them upwards and place a clip

There are a lot of misconceptions that using hair extensions can damage your natural hairs, but it's not true. Today many women want to experiment with various hairstyles and look for products to help them create the perfect look. Virgin Brazilian hair extensions, hair weaves and bundles can be treated just like your own hair and you can design your favourite hairstyle using them.

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