What is SEO and Why Should It Be Important to Your Business?

What is SEO and Why Should It Be Important to Your Business?

Do any research on digital marketing and you’d have probably stumble upon a term called “SEO” various times. Ever wondered what it means? Well, I’m here to tell you what it is and why is it so important especially in this internet age where your website is only as good as the customers and sales it generates.

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What is SEO and Why Should It Be Important to Your Business?

What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a process to generate more user traffic from Google searches through online search engines. So what even is an organic search? 

If you’ve ever found yourself pulling up Google or Yahoo to search on a particular product or service and have stumbled upon a never heard before business while scrolling through the shown results, that’s an organic search when a company doesn’t pay for its website to be on the first top-five results normally run by SEM agencies (which can cause skepticism in customers) but instead relies on popular keywords or phrases to get that ranking.

Why is it Such a Big Thing in the Digital Marketing Industry?
Without any optimization for search engines, people searching up information related to your products or services will not be able to find you and instead will end up finding your competitors. To establish a strong online presence, it's advisable to consider a free website availability check. SEO helps you establish visibility as your website starts to rank higher in search engines compared to them. Local Malaysian companies are starting to direct more of their attention to SEO in Malaysia and you should check out this guide

Here are 5 Reasons Why SEO is Important to your Business:

1. Organic Searches are a Primary Source of Website Traffic
As a majority of marketers know, Google owns a significant portion of the search market and as we come to realize, has become the most frequently used search engine of consumers to search up on anything at all thus furthering the importance of establishing a high rank on its search results. A prominent rank means more clicks and research has proven that with 60% of traffic from Google searches go to websites that appear in the first three results.

2. A Better User Experience
There’s no point in having the best products or services or being the first search result on search engines if your website provides a clunky & awkward user experience. This will definitely cause customers to flee even on just the homepage itself. 

Just like an offline business, customer (or in this case user) reviews matter and search engines like Google have figured out an algorithm to promote websites with more favourable user experiences. A majority of customers already know what they want once they enter your website so if somehow there’s a challenge in finding it, they won’t bother sticking around. A quality SEO team will ensure that it will not happen. 

3. Increased Engagement & Traffic
Using SEO will help websites in terms of local search which means search results that are more relevant & closer in proximity to wherever a user is currently located. No sense if I’m in Kuala Lumpur but getting results of businesses in the U.K. or in India, right? 

Local SEO focuses on specific cities, states and regions to enact a usable medium for a company to spread its message on a local level. That is why is it better to look for an SEO company in Malaysia to ensure proper optimization of a company’s website & content, which includes anything local: relevant citations, listings, and sectors.

4. A Cheaper Way of Generating Traffic
Most online businesses rely on advertising tactics to get them the desired views & clicks. However, that can be quite a pricey investment with a not as equal payout. Today, purchasing power is less reliant on advertising, sure, your ad might attract a customer’s attention but for them to actually make that purchase? 

That’s another story. Recently, customers are gaining more knowledge on the exploitive and manipulative practices, an advertisement consists of so getting on top of a search result page means a higher user engagement which means trustworthiness, a trait highly favored among customers. So in the long run, SEO gives a more direct result in the long run.

5. Quantity over Quality (for once)
Yes, you read that right. Although SEO doesn’t offer ROI (which is easier to calculate, let’s be honest here) like a paid search, it’s possible to measure its tracking and analytics. 

Nonetheless, it’s an issue to try to correlate & understand all the actions are taken and how those affect a business’s performance and growth. That’s when SEO experts come in and do their in-depth research to connect the patterns in correlating all those things. As we all know, data never lies.

SEO should definitely be implemented in every website for marketing purposes as it is extremely beneficial in this digital age where thousands of increasing competitors are vying for that top spot. And this is where Sterrific Agency comes in to save the day, with its specialties lying in website building (e-commerce or optimizing user experience), copywriting and website branding, Sterrific are the best at what they do, being the best SEO company in Malaysia.

Having a team of SEO experts, local companies get the best treatment they have needed all this while, gaining a significant boost to their websites thanks to organic traffic coupled with increased sales.   

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