5 Main Highlights of VIVO NEX 3

Recently VIVO Malaysia revealed the new NEX 3, the latest premium flagship smartphone, combining latest breakthrough innovations and redefines the standard of flagship devices for consumers looking for an outstanding premium mobile experience. Here are the 5 Main Highlights of VIVO NEX 3.

Vivo, Vivo Malaysia, Vivo Nex 3, Smartphone in Malaysia, Lifestyle
5 Main Highlights of VIVO NEX 3

My first impression about VIVO NEX 3 is one word, impressive! The hardware looks and feels luxe. I’ve also tested it’s camera, it’s super HD, crisp, selfie or wefie picture perfect, and the wide-angle feature is what I need during travel. VIVO NEX 3 is packed with innovative notch-free Waterfall FullView™ Display design, triple camera setup that includes a 64MP main camera, and bursting with intelligent applications, NEX 3 is elevating the user smartphone experience to new highs.

Vivo, Vivo Malaysia, Vivo Nex 3, Smartphone in Malaysia, Lifestyle
VIVO NEX 3 Launch in Malaysia

“NEX 3 is the perfect device for consumers looking for the best all-around flagship smartphone experience. The ground-breaking POLED Waterfall FullView™ Display flows into infinity, providing users with an unprecedented visual and interactive screen experience, while the triple camera provides full focal coverage for outstanding photo quality. This is all supported by excellent battery, computing performance and upgraded AI capabilities. With NEX 3, we have gone beyond the edges of innovation and the smartphone industry – to offer one of the most premium mobile experiences available today,” said Mike Xu, Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Malaysia.

5 Main Highlights of VIVO NEX 3

Vivo, Vivo Malaysia, Vivo Nex 3, Smartphone in Malaysia, Lifestyle
VIVO NEX 3: Design & FullView™ Display

1. Design & FullView™ Display
The notch-free display of 6.89 inches has a significantly improved screen-to-body ratio of 99.6%, providing consumers with a breathtaking visual experience every time they pick up their phone.

The ground-breaking new POLED Waterfall FullView™ Display stretches the smartphone screen beyond limits with flawless curved edges that flow with sleek elegance. NEX 3’s screen extends along two sides - the dual curved borderless design provides users with broader views and a more immersive visual experience.

Plus, NEX 3 hides physical buttons from sight, creating a seamless, touch-controlled unibody design. Thanks to its X-axis Haptic Vibration motor, Touch Sense can respond with haptic feedback just like physical buttons for some functions, delivering an experience that’s tangible, comfortable and futuristic. In-Display Fingerprint Scanning also allows users to step into their mobile world both instantly and safely.

Vivo, Vivo Malaysia, Vivo Nex 3, Smartphone in Malaysia, Lifestyle
VIVO NEX 3: Premier Photo-Shooting with Triple Camera

2. Premier Photo-Shooting with Triple Camera
There are 3 cameras on the back, recreating the classic Lunar Ring Camera System. NEX 3 flexes its superiority in photography with a 64MP main camera, 13MP wide-angle camera and a 13MP telescopic camera - this triple camera means wide-angle, telescopic and macro capabilities are just a click away.  

Users can also bring beauty out of the shadows with features such as Portrait Master’s Hyper-HDR of up to 7.65eV - designed for portraits, it increases dynamic range accuracy between a user’s face and the background’s lightest spot, to ensure that the focal point stands out against backlight. In addition, the Pro Mode helps users master photography without all the heavy kit and hassle.

With a 16MP Elevating Front Camera, NEX 3 carries on the signature NEX style. Not only does it make way for the perfect FullView™ Display, it turns every selfie into a unique experience. A purpose-fit motor and customized gear box ensure smooth elevation that operates stably.

3. Powerful Performance 
Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus and UFS 3.0 high-speed flash memory, NEX 3 provides top computing performance and smooth multitasking capabilities. A super capacity battery (4500mAh) gives users the fuel to go through their day feeling unrestrained, while vivo FlashCharge 22.5W and C-DRX power-saving technologies ensure low power is a thing of the past. The Vapor Chamber Cooling System meanwhile supplies power while remaining cool even with heavy usage. NEX 3 is equipped with 256 GB storage.

Vivo, Vivo Malaysia, Vivo Nex 3, Smartphone in Malaysia, Lifestyle
VIVO NEX 3: Powerful Performance

4. Artificial Intelligence
Vivo’s AI assistant Jovi has been upgraded again on NEX 3, enabling a fully intelligent flagship experience based on the vivo Computation Acceleration Platform (VCAP). The platform boosts hardware performance, from CPU, GPU, DSP to NPU. It also optimizes AI algorithms, increasing the efficiency, speed and smoothness of all AI features while consuming less power.

With VCAP, AI-based tasks have been upgraded. Jovi has several upgraded applications, including Jovi Smart Scene which supports users with daily tasks, and Jovi Image Recognizer, which is now faster and more accurate than ever before. It helps users categorize their albums, perform smart searches within them, detect scenes and group faces. It makes scanned documents look perfect, and much more. 

5. Superior Audio 
The AK4377A independent audio chip delivers the quintessential vivo Hi-Fi experience, allowing users to enjoy a more immersive music experience, relive favorite concerts or get lost in most-loved songs.

Vivo, Vivo Malaysia, Vivo Nex 3, Smartphone in Malaysia, Lifestyle
5 Main Highlights of VIVO NEX 3

Availability: VIVO NEX 3 is now available in Glowing Night variant

Price: VIVO NEX 3 is retail at RM3,899

For more information about VIVO NEX 3, please visit www.vivo.com/my

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