How to Decide what Food to Order for Your House Party

How to Decide what Food to Order for Your House Party

Food delivery apps are one of the world’s greatest inventions. Imagine ordering your phone without placing an actual phone call and then seeing your food arriving into your doorstep in a matter of minutes. Imagine not even having to prepare any cash, and just paying through the card you have linked on these apps.

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How to Decide what Food to Order for Your House Party

These apps come in quite handy if you’re holding a house party and you are too busy, too lazy, too tired to cook and prepare. The only problem you will have is what food to order. If you are confused about what to serve in your house party, then read some of our suggestions.

1. Italian

Hey, you cannot go wrong with pasta and pizza if you are unsure of food you order for delivery in house parties.

If you think that’s too casual for a house party, think again. Pizza and pasta parties are not only for college fratboys if that is the image floating in your mind right now. If you want to jazz up your house party by going Italian, order an antipasto platter. Antipasto kebabs are always a great idea. 

Then order more than one type of pasta. You got a new house so celebrate! Order 3 to 4 types of pasta and set up a pasta bar. Of course, make sure you actually have more than 1 or 2 guests, or else you’d be having pasta for the rest of the week.

The same goes for pizza. Choose something you know your guests will like and then double them. Nothing shouts party than overflowing foods and drinks.

Don’t forget to make a playlist for your pizza-pasta house party! Spotify has a great selection of kitschy Italian songs you can mix with more mainstream songs.  What’s a party without songs?

2. Asian

If you want a more solemn feel, you can opt to serve Asian - Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, your pick. There’s always an app to order these foods. Either check if your favorite Asian restaurants have their own apps or download food delivery apps so your options are greater. Asian cuisines are usually associated with big celebrations. Maybe its the family-oriented cultures of most Asian groups.

You do not have to choose just one type of Asian food. You can have a table of Chinese dishes - sweet and sour pork, dim sum and the like and another table of Vietnamese and then Filipino if you want. Asian foods do not taste weird when combined in a plate as opposed to Asian and Western dishes. Hey, it's your own house! Serve everything and anything you want! Order away!

3. Don’t forget the Desserts!

No matter what dish you decide to serve at your house party, never forget to have a dessert table. Serve cakes, ice cream, cupcakes, gelatins, and many more. What’s a party without some desserts? What’s amazing is that you can now have desserts delivered too. Restaurants have their ways to keep your desserts from melting on the travel from their kitchen to yours.

4. Beverages Should be Overflowing

Make sure you have punch bowls and a couple of beers and wines to keep the party going, Be sure though to keep the drinking of alcohol controlled. That last thing you want is your spanking new house trashed in just one night. 

Not to mention, you do not want anyone going home from your party at risk of getting into an accident. What a way to transform a celebratory night into a nightmare if that happens.

Still, despite this warning, do not forget to have fun! Do not forget why you are celebrating In the first place and the brand new life you are about to start.

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