Female Asian Travelers Guide to Florida

Female Asian Travelers Guide to Florida

The trend of Asian women traveling to the USA has become commonplace as compared to just ten years ago. This trend can be attributed to changes in lifestyle as well as the desire to follow their own schedule in quest to pursue a specific interest. Florida is a great locale for a female Asian traveler as the people are super friendly, the food and nightlife phenomenal, and one has the option to live a life of a beach bum. So here is a guide for the savvy woman wishing to explore the Sunshine State.

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Female Asian Travelers Guide to Florida

When to go

The mild year-round climate and a wide variety of great destinations makes Florida a wonderful vacation hotspot. Considering that you have flexible travel plans, winter is the best time to visit this place. 

Attendance at Disney World is pretty thin, and the same holds for the other parks and attractions. The general daytime temperatures of Florida are tolerable, except north Florida where you may require something substantially warm at night.

Getting there

Every region in Florida is well connected by air, so choosing a flight to or from the state can be a matter of economics and time. If you book far in advance you can actually save hundreds of dollars and vacation time as well. 

While Miami International Airport (MIA) is the main entry point for most visitors, one can save more by choosing any of the other seventeen airports to take you nearer to your selected destination. 

While there are no direct flights to Florida (FL) from Asia, there are flights with one/two stops with a short layover time connecting important Asian cities. United Airlines is the main service provider along with Delta Airlines flying between the two continents.


When it comes to looking for places to stay, you are sure to remain spoilt for choices. There are plenty of rustic places to stay and reconnect with nature. Then there are the famous waterfront hotels and Ocean Florida villas where one can enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean and the surroundings.

What to carry

Florida is hot at most times of the year, so knowing what to pack is important. The first two items which should go in your bag are a pair of comfortable walking shoes and sun protection with SPF-50. Breathable T-shirts will be suitable all the way from the beach to the theme parks and even hiking in any of the state parks. 

Add shorts to the list, rather than jeans or Jean shorts that will be uncomfortable in the Florida heat. Tank tops will be perfect to beat the humidity and sweat and just don't forget the swimming costume. At least two pairs are necessary as you will be spending a lot of time at the beach or the amusement centres.

A cover-up with SPF protection after your swim is a good choice to protect the skin. Finally a sun hat with UV protection and a menstrual cup instead of pads or tampons as they don't smell and hold very well in the heat.

Getting around

There are many ways to get around from one place to another in Florida, but driving is the most preferred mode. The road quality is excellent and major car rental companies are available. 

Taxis are extremely expensive and best avoided, especially on the interstate routes. Greyhound Bus Lines offer excellent coach service between Miami and Orlando and Miami and Key West apart from other city pairs which can be viewed on their website.


Florida has long been a favourite destination of women travelers and it is easy to see why. The theme parks and outdoor adventure activities have something for everyone. No matter what your style, the beaches are great for unwinding and relaxation. You can start by taking a run on the shoreline of Fort Lauderdale or go body surfing at Ocean Inlet Park.

Eating out

There are a number of Asian restaurants in Florida, out of which some are really considered to be top-notch. While one can find excellent Chinese cuisine in the vibrant South Beach area, flavoured recipes of spicy curries and dumplings of other  Asian countries can be tasted from outlets spread all over the state.

Traveling provides a powerful life-changing experience, especially if you are a female traveling from Asia to the US. A state like Florida offers the perfect escape for a solo visitor as it is not only a relaxing getaway but totally safe as well.

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