5 Stretches You Can Do While Travelling in A Plane

5 Stretches you can do While Travelling in a Plane

Whether you are driving or flying, long sedentary hours can be pretty hard on your body. Individuals who often travel in flights for either business or pleasure experience their body getting stiff which eventually aggravates and becomes a major health concern. The tightness of muscles and stiffness of the back and neck are pretty common during long flights. Does this sound familiar to you? Next time, try out these 5 stretches recommended by certified chiropractor that can help in easing the muscle and joint stiffness in your body.

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5 Stretches you can do While Travelling in a Plane
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1. Head Roll

Fitness, Travel, Stretches in Plane, Stretch, Traveling in Plane
Head Roll
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This is the best form of exercise that can be carried out easily while traveling on a plane. With a simple head roll, the neck ligaments and muscles can loosen up, thus minimizing any chances of neck pain and stiffness during your travel. To do this, tilt your head towards one side of your shoulder and then roll it in either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

2. Hand Stretch
While traveling in a flight, tightness in your upper back can set in at any moment. The uncomfortable seats and your hunched over posture just adds to this. Your rhomboid muscles and your traps may possibly be affected due to this. In order to deal with such a scenario, keep your feet firmly on the base, lift your arms in the front and bend them at the elbows in an upward direction. Clasp both your palms in such a way that one arm of yours is passing through the crook of your other arm.

3. Ankle Roll
Have you ever noticed your ankles swelling up after a long flight? If you want to relieve the swelling in your ankles, try stretching out your leg in front of you and then roll your foot in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Do this with the other foot and repeat. This can restore the blood circulation in your ankles and reduce the swelling to a great extent.

4. Hip and Butt Stretch

Fitness, Travel, Stretches in Plane, Stretch, Traveling in Plane
Hip And Butt Stretch 
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Achy and tight hips are pretty common when you travel for long hours on a flight as you are sitting with minimum movement throughout the flight. In order to relieve some stiffness in your hip and butt, place your left ankle on your right knee and try pushing the left knee down gently. Repeat this with your right ankle and left knee.

5. Back Stretch
The mid-section of your back muscles can quickly become stiff when you sit in a flight for long hours. To loosen your back muscles, cross your right leg over your left leg and twist your torso towards your right gently. Repeat this on the other side.

These stretches can be pretty effective in getting rid of the stiff muscles in your body while traveling on a plane. You could even consider visiting a certified chiropractor for immediate relief. With these tips, you need not dread those long flights anymore!

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