Tips To Making Your Own Fashion Accessories

In today’s fashion world, it takes a lot to stand out. Everybody around seems to be wearing the same kinds of accessories from overpriced shops, the originality being completely nonexistent. With that as the foreground, true fashion statements are in bespoke pieces. Making your own accessories is an expression of creativity that everyone will notice. 

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Tips To Making Your Own Fashion Accessories
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You can honestly and wonderfully show the world your designs by being your own model. At every party, people are bound to ask you where you bought those. With pride, you can tell them they’re your original work. If you’re not currently making your own accessories, you should! Everyone should try it out. And if you don’t know where to start, here are some cool tips for doing so.

Learn The Basics
The first thing you’ll want to do is learn the basics of design. Learn the different patterns of weaving, the techniques used sewing, the types of glue fashion designers use. Learning the technical side before anything else establishes a good base to work on. You’ll never be stumped with a concept because you’ll know, due to your self-taught design skills, exactly how to execute. 

It may be tempting to jump directly into making it, and that's fine. But having a base knowledge really allows you to explore true original work. You can scrap ideas and make new ones. All of this is afforded by knowing your options as a designer.

Get To Know Materials
Get familiar with your materials. Matching fabrics, metals, and stones are the most fun part. It’s like shopping and creating at the same time. You can mix and match anything you want. This is your chance to experiment and figure out what your style truly is. For example, you can set a synthetic opal in a Thai weave rope. Or, you can experiment with all sorts of classes of jade. 

Pearls are another great stone to work with. Getting hold of precious and semi-precious stones is pretty easy, and placing them in various settings (with your skill base established) is a fun way to see what really screams: “you.” In addition, synthetic stones are perfect for everyday use and some of the times, even more, prettier than natural ones.

Start Making Accessories For Everyone!
After you’ve built a base, practice your skills by making as many as you can. Offer your skills to your friends and family. Do as many pieces as you want. Give them as gifts. The whole point is to get used to having your designs being handed out. Trust me, you will not be good at first. It will not spark the kind of inspiration you’ll expect. 

This is the entire point of the exercise your criticism muscles. Take it and listen. It will sting, and that’s the point. But no matter how much you think your accessories are the best thing ever, there will always be room for improvement. Tell your friends to be brutally honest. Embrace it. This is exactly how you’ll get better.

All in one practice, you’ve got something to wear, gifts to give, and personal expressions of art. But be forewarned, making your own fashion accessories is extremely addictive. It’s an activity that stands the test of time. And thanks to new suppliers and techniques being made every day, you can be sure that you can sustain your new fabulous habit for decades to come.

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