Different Uses of AI-Based Transcription

Different Uses of AI-Based Transcription

AI (artificial intelligence) is one of the most crucial technological advancements known to man. It's able to collect and process large amounts of data very quickly and efficiently. From this, it's easy to see why AI transcription services massively improve productivity and remove the need for manual work.

Different Uses of AI-Based Transcription
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The usefulness of these automated services is noticeable in many different areas of work. Journalists, many larger companies and even content marketers can benefit from them in their own specific way.

Journalist Benefits

- Interview Transcriptions
Audio recordings of interviews can be a pain to go through, especially when there's significant background noise. When converted to text format, it's much easier to analyze and go through specific details. This is the exact commodity that Audext offers.
To avoid confusion, it's important to know which person (interviewer/interviewee) said what. 

Transcribing audio to text with Audext.com also has a built-in speaker identification feature that can discern all individuals. Sentences will be prefixed with the name of the speaker which you assign to the service at the beginning. This can help interviewers see if the interview itself had a natural flow, if they weren't too interruptive and if it was done in a professional manner. It's an invaluable tool for self-improvement.

- Qualitative Research
Transcribing sociological interviews for the purpose of qualitative research can be key in accurately analyzing patterns and extracting concise conclusions from lots of data. This means conducting a large number of interviews at a time. Having access to them in written form makes it much easier for the human eye to inspect them efficiently and save you time.

With Audext, you won't have to wait for multiple days until all interviews are transcribed. Instead, the AI technology converts them all in a matter of minutes, 200 times more efficiently than any other service. The integrated text editor makes it very easy to edit, segment and compile all the different information into one file.

Effective Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes are usually written from memory, right after the meeting has concluded. Still, there's a chance you'll miss some important decisions or steps that someone mentioned that just flew out of your mind. This can lead to all kinds of troubles with uninformed employees that weren't present. All things considered, it's a very inefficient method.

Recording and transcribing meetings removes the memory element in writing down meeting minutes. You'll be able to sit down and write them out whenever you have enough time. Furthermore, there's almost no need for manual work. 

Since Audext has the aforementioned speaker identification, there's no chance that you'll misattribute a certain idea to the wrong person. You can simply edit the text file through the online editor and convey your thoughts along with the information that was stated in the meeting. It's a clean, efficient alternative.

Improved Conference Calls
Conference calls play a vital role in the success of every company. Keeping a permanent written record of them can be very valuable when the time comes to make important decisions. 

Not only can they keep up-to-date those that might have been absent, but the whole company can go through it again countless times to analyze and perfect certain ideas. If any disputes occur, the truth can be easily brought to light since every single word is saved.

You'll be able to see the exact moment when and by whom any word was said. By using Audext, searching for specific information through the combination of time/word connection and speaker identification is a breeze. Conference calls can also be used as a training tool for new employees, so it's something that you definitely want to save for future use.

Content Marketers Benefits
Transcription benefits content marketers by drastically increasing their exposure to different audiences. For example, transcribing video content can help the marketer extract some attractive and relevant quotes. This can make for a great headline that's going to entice the readers to engage with the rest of the content. Repurposing different information is key to more traffic, but you need it in written form to achieve this.

With automated transcription, a large number of webinars, videos, and other media can be converted in no time. Webinars are especially useful if the content marketer wants to provide educational material, but make it a bit less comprehensive. Implementing less known but effective keywords will additionally boost the marketer's position in search results, thus gaining him more exposure. All in all, it's one of the best yet easiest ways to gain a large number of benefits.

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