Does Keto Diet Really Work and Is It Safe?

Does Keto Diet Really Work and Is It Safe?

Ketogenic diet or as commonly known, keto diet consists of high healthy fats, moderate proteins, and very low carbohydrates and yes it will help you in your weight loss campaign and it also have many health benefits. As a matter of fact, there are more than 20 studies that shows that keto diet can help you lose weight and generally improve your health. Some studies even suggest that a keto diet have many benefits against cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and even other chronic diseases. If you are planning to try out a keto diet, we have a simple guide for you.

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Does Keto Diet Really Work and Is It Safe?

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What is keto diet?

A ketogenic diet as we have seen, involves drastically reducing carbohydrates and then replacing them with fat. When the carbohydrates are reduced, it puts your body in a state referred to as ketosis. Your body will become very efficient when it comes to burning fats and this increases the energy in your body. When your body is in the ketosis state, it also turns fats into ketones in the liver which are good for your brain. The ketogenic diet also causes massive reduction of insulin and sugar levels.

Types of keto diets
There various and different types of ketogenic diets and they include:

Standard ketogenic diet (SKD)
This type of keto diet involves very low levels of carbohydrates, moderate proteins and very high amounts of fats. Typically it can be 5 percent carbohydrates, 20 percent proteins and 75 percent fats.

Cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD)
This type of ketogenic involves some refeeds of high carb diets like for example you can have a keto diet for like 5 days and then supplement your body with some carbs by having a high carb diet for two days.

Targeted ketogenic diet (TKD)
This is the type of keto diet that allows you to add some carbs when you are working out.

High protein ketogenic diet
Similar to SKD but the difference comes in when it comes to the ratios. This type is going to have more proteins than the standard ketogenic diet as it involves 5 percent carbohydrates, 60 percent proteins and 35 percent fats.

However, the keto diets that have been studied extensively are the SKD and CKD and the other two are mainly used by bodybuilders and athletes. This article will focus more of the standard ketogenic diet than the others although the basic principles apply to all the other versions.

How does ketogenic diet help one lose weight?

Several studies have revealed that a ketogenic diet is one of the most effective ways when it comes to losing weight and it also reduces risk factors for many diseases. As a matter of fact, research proves that a keto diet is more effective than the low fat diet that is normally recommended for people trying to lose weight.

The keto diet is so filling that you don’t need to count calories or track your food intake during your weight loss campaign find out more by checking this Simple Keto Test plan.

Actually, there was a study that found out that people on keto diet lost 2 times the weight the people on low fat diet lost. Their HDL and Triglyceride levels also improved.

Another study found that people on keto diet lost almost three times the weight people on diet recommended by diabetes UK lost. There are many reasons why ketogenic diet can help you lose weight.

Mechanism behind keto diet and weight loss

Wondering how you can take more fats and still lose weight? Yeah I know it might be confusing but that does not mean that it does not work. Here is how the keto diet is going to promote weight loss.

Higher protein intake
As we have seen, there are different types of keto diet and one of them involves more proteins. The proteins will leave you feeling fuller and this will reduce your urge of taking food which contributes positively to your weight loss campaign. High levels of proteins in your body also have other health benefits.

Food elimination
Most of the foods that we take are normally high carbs and when you limit carbs in your foods, it will limit the options of foods available for you. This will significantly reduce the calorie intake which will contribute to weight fat loss.

The high fats and proteins in the keto diet are converted into fuel. During this process, the body fats are burned more and more and this contributes to weight loss.

Appetite suppressants
The ketogenic diets will leave you feeling fuller and because it makes positive changes in hunger hormones like ghrelin and leptin.

Improves insulin sensitivity
The keto diet drastically improves the insulin levels in your body and this will lead to more fuel utilization as well as improved metabolism.

Decreased fat storage
Several studies have revealed that keto diet can reduce lipogenesis (the process of converting sugars into fats)

Increased fat burning
Ketogenic diets are known for their ability to increase the number of fats burned while you are resting, during the daily activities and while you are exercising.

As you can see, a keto diet will have a huge impact on your weight loss campaign and it is so much better than the low-fat diet.

How to follow a ketogenic a diet.
For a successful keto diet plan, follow these basic rules.

• Check food labels and aim for 30 g or less of carbs per day.
• Buy cheese, whole eggs, avocados, oily fish, nuts, and make them your staples.
• Make veggies your “daily bread,” each meal should be full of veggies which will help you keep on feeling full.
• An experiment in new ways of making your meals tasty and appetizing. You can try out ketogenic pasta, ice creams, bread, puddings brownies, etc.
• Have a plan that you can follow. Sometimes it can be hard to find low carb meals so have a plan and go-to snacks.
• Track your progress with measurements and taking photos every 4 weeks.

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  1. However, many experts say ketosis itself is not necessarily harmful. Some studies , in fact, suggest that a ketogenic diet is safe for significantly overweight or obese people. However, other clinical reviews point out that patients on low-carbohydrate diets regain some of their lost weight within a year. keto diet


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