ACT Prep: Is Your Teen Busy Preparing For ACT? Here's How You Can Help

ACT Prep: Is Your Teen Busy Preparing For ACT? Here's How You Can Help

The college application is always going to be one of the essential parts of your child's life. When your child is about to enter college, there is more need for you to give all the positive help that you can, especially when it comes to college applications.

ACT exam, SAT exam, ACT Preparation, Lifestyle
ACT Prep: Is Your Teen Busy Preparing For ACT? Here's How You Can Help
Preparing and applying for college can be challenging, and the preparation starts as your teen studies for the ACT or the SAT. This is a major college entrance exam that can make or break their options of colleges to enroll in. Remember that the SAT or ACT scores can be a determining factor as to whether or not your teen is going to get accepted into his dream university. Hence, you’re going to want to lead your teen on towards earning a high score on his ACT or SAT exam. Aside from college entrance exams, if your teen decided to take up the Advanced Placement exam to earn credits in college, then it is another important thing to be prepared for. Luckily, there are online resources you can check that will guide you to choose the best study materials for your teen in preparation for these exams, check out this link to explore

ACT exam, SAT exam, ACT Preparation, Lifestyle
Ways to help your child for ACT preparation

Here are ways to help your child for ACT preparation:

1. Be Kind To Your Teenagers

First, do remember that teenagers are going through a lot of stress. It can be because of schoolwork, a break-up, or a tarnished friendship. Adding up to that is the pressure of high school graduation, which means doing well on the ACT’s and SAT’s. Else, no college will let them in.

All those thoughts go through a teenager’s mind and it doesn't help if parents add up to this stress. Teenagers want a kind and loving parents. They want to feel that they can run to their parents with an open heart whenever they need to. You don't even have to go to extremes to be kind. Even a simple thing such as making their breakfast so that they have one less thing to worry about is a big help.

2. Give Your Kids The Boost Of Confidence

Teenagers need to feel that they're taking the SAT and ACT tests for a good reason and not merely to pass it. As parents, you have a substantial role to play in motivating and inspiring them. This starts with being understanding about any stress they may be having about the tests. If your child is stressed, instead of pressuring them too much, why not encourage them by saying that these tests are a step closer to their dream college or career. You can also get them act tutoring in San Diego that can help alleviate stress by better preparing them. 
3. Encourage Your Teens To Take Extra Classes They’re Having Difficulty In, Or Tutor Them Yourself

It's not going to be effective for your teenagers to take extra classes in all subjects. First, the time isn't just enough. Second, their retention will also only be hampered. The best way for you to go about it is to encourage them to take extra classes on subjects that they're having difficulty in. 

Or better yet, if this is a subject that you're an expert on, help them yourself. That way, you're helping them address more of their problems in school rather than waste their time taking so many classes on subjects that they may not even have difficulty with.

4. Create A Study Plan

One of the best ways for you to encourage your teenagers to stick to a study schedule is to create this plan for them. If you leave it up to them, they most likely won’t be able to carry on with it. Generally, parents have more organizational skills than their teens and especially as this authority is coming from you, they'll most likely stick to it as well.

The study plan that you're going to make should be one that's achievable and realizable. This means that it fits your teens' schedule, lifestyle, study needs, and preferences.

5. Encourage Reading Time

The problem today is that most teenagers are facing screens too much. Even parents may be guilty of this, too. Reading as a family is no longer encouraged. Nor has it formed a part in the lives of some families today. You can change this by having a group reading time. Everyone in the family should read. 

Even those children of yours who are not yet going to take the ACT’s very soon. That way, your teen who will be taking the ACT won't feel too alone having to read so much, all by themselves.

It all starts during the formative years of their youth. Ever remember how reading to them when they were still little kids was encouraged to boost their language skills? The same still applies now even if they’re teenagers. Reading more can help them have better substance to answer essays on their exams.

If you put all the pieces of your child's college application together, one of the most significant parts has to do with the ACT or SAT exam. It's only after this exam that everything else falls together successfully. 

Without this, you cease to be successful in helping your child in his endeavor. Albeit challenging, it's doable with the right preparation. And of course, the most excellent support system coming from no one else but yourself as the parent.

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