3 Tips On How To Find The Right Parking Space In Miami

3 Tips On How To Find The Right Parking Space In Miami
Comparing rates in Miami may seem high, but if you are going to compare it to New York and Boston, Miami parking rates can still be considered reasonable. According to 2017 Global Parking Index, Miami earned the 19th spot among the top 25 cities in terms of two-hour weekday parking which costs almost $10. But, if Miami’s parking fees can still be considered reasonable, the fact still remains that finding the right space remains a daily challenge for many Miami residents and tourists. If you’re new to Miami, check out the following tips on how you can find the right parking space in Miami.

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3 Tips On How To Find The Right Parking Space In Miami
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Opt for street parking or hourly parking.

Street parking in Miami, especially in the downtown area is not an easy thing to do. Although there are many parallel-parking spaces, but most of these would usually be taken up all throughout the week since many people’s workplaces are in the neighborhood. But, if you happen to snag any of these spaces, make sure to pay for it right away via a smartphone app. Parking fees in Downtown Miami would start at $3.50 per hour.

Compare Prices

Parking fee rates vary largely across Miami. If you’ll be visiting Miami Beach, parking at public garages may only cost you $1 per hour. If you need to park your car the entire day, then you will most likely pay $15 for parking fee. If you will be in downtown Miami the average parking fee rate would be $7 per hour. If you need to park your car for 24 hours the average rate may range from $28 to $30.  

But, if you’re looking for Miami airport parking, it will usually cost $30 per day for Valet parking and $2 for Terminal parking. You can even go online and compare prices from certain platforms. If you are at the airport because you have to pick someone up or because you need to drop someone there, it is best to opt for the hourly parking. If you want to save on parking costs, opt to pay for a monthly parking fee which may cost around $110. Keep in mind that not all parking garages offer the same parking fees.

Parking garages such as Aventura Mall has covered space for people to park their car. However, parking spaces can be used in even-numbered levels. But, here’s the caveat - you will need to take a flight of stairs or you will have to be in an elevator to be able to get inside the mall. There are also malls who have special deals to their shoppers who want to use their garages as a parking space.

Some municipalities that are located in Miami-Dade County offer affordable parking fees for as low as $1 per hour, in their garages. These garages can be found just within a couple of walkable blocks in some of their busiest malls such as Lincoln Road Mall.

Miami’s traffic is also no doubt a beast. If you’re thinking about renting a car, make sure to obtain a pass for paying tolls. Always prepare yourself to pay dearly for parking fees. Most of all, Miami is very strict when it comes to parking policies. Don’t get your car towed. Always park in the right space.

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