Spa Robes: Terry Vs. Fleece Finding The Right Robe For You

A comfortable robe is one of the most basic necessities you must invest in. Owning soft spa robes is the best way to bring the pampering feeling you get from the spa or hotel into your home. 

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Spa Robes: Terry Vs. Fleece  Finding The Right Robe For You

There are many advantages to using bathrobes. Whether you’re bundling up after a long hot shower, or to cover yourself from the sun at the beach, or simply to lounge around at home—you can definitely find ways to use them. And since plush robes come in many different designs, colors, and fabric types, you’ll definitely be able to find one that suits your needs and taste!

Bathrobes are very important; they make us feel warm, comfortable and give us a sense of luxury. We all need that luxurious feeling at times, and getting the right robe for that can definitely help. Terry cloth robes and Fleece robes are among the most popular ones in the market today. But which one should you choose?

Fleece or Terry Cloth Spa Robes: which is the best?

If you love both fleece and terry cloth fabrics, picking one can feel almost impossible. But do you really need to choose just one? Terry cloth robes and fleece robes are both different and have their own advantages. Let’s have a look below.

Terry Cloth Robes

You’ll never find another robe as absorbent as one made from terry cloth. This is why it feels nice to wrap yourself in a soft terry cloth robe early in the morning, right after a shower, or simply when the weather is chilly. Imagine yourself wrapped up in a terry cloth robe, on your porch with a cup of hot choco and a good book, right after you’ve had a steaming shower after your workout.

What makes terry cloth robes perfect? Why are they the ideal choice?

Terry cloth robes are made from tightly woven loops of posh, authentic Turkish cotton terry cloth made by skilled artisans. A cotton robe is simply a treat you can look forward to indulge in. It feels absolutely luxurious as it brushes against your skin after you finish taking a bath. Its absorbent properties make it perfect for wicking moisture away.

If you use a robe mostly for after shower or bath, then it might be better for you to opt for a terry cloth robe. 

Fleece Robes

If what you need is simply to feel warm and cozy, nothing brings more comfort the way a fleece robe does. They insulate your body from chilly winter weather, while enveloping you in excellent softness. There is no other material in the world that can compare to the soft spun polyester in fleece robes. Imagine being wrapped in the softness of fleece plush robes like time you’re wrapped beneath your own personal blanket made from the softest fleece in the world.

Another plus to fleece robes is that fleece will keep you toasty warm every year without pilling. You’ll want to spend the entire day snuggled in your fleece robe.

The only downside to fleece robes is that they’re not absorbent, so they are not really recommended for drying up or soaking up moisture.

If your purpose for buying a robe is for snuggling before bedtime or lounging around your house, then a fleece robe is perfect for you.

Why Should You Buy Spa Robes?

Below are five good reasons why it makes sense to have spa robes in your home.

1. They’re perfect cover-ups when you have unexpected guests
Ever experienced having people coming over unexpectedly and you’re not properly dressed? Often you have to make a mad dash to your close to change. You don’t have to do this if you have plush robes in hand. A robe that is long enough to keep you covered is the perfect solution for situations like this. Keep an extra robe for guests who will be staying over too.

2. You can use them as an alternative to towels
If you have a terrycloth bathrobe, the fabric will absorb wetness and keep you warm, rendering towels useless. Sure you’d still need towels to dry your hair, but when it comes to drying your body, an absorbent bathrobe is enough.  You can also use a bathrobe in lieu of a towel when you want to dry off and warm up after getting caught up in a rainstorm.

3. Keeps you warm after swimming
Have you ever experienced going swimming and realized you forgot to bring your oversized towel you use to dry off with? Well you need not worry about such instances anymore because you can use a terrycloth bathrobe instead. A robe can be a warm, and cozy cover-up you can use after a swim in the local pool or the beach.

4. It can be used as a Halloween costume
Halloween season is upon us! If you’re still undecided about what to wear or have run out of ideas for your next costume party, just put on a bathrobe over your pajamas, put pink curlers in your hair, throw in some thick reading glasses and you’re all set! It’s an easy Halloween costume and you don’t even need to spend that much!

5. Perfect for a Girl’s Sleepover
Girls often have one of those nights where they invite their friends over for a sleepover. If you’re planning to host one, you can splurge and provide stylish plush robes to your friends. Those would be the perfect outfit for a spa night in your home. You and your friends can wear the robes while having pedicures, putting on face masks, or watching a sappy, romantic movie!

Regardless of whether you choose a terry cloth bathrobe or a fleece bathrobe, you’ll definitely find use for a robe in your house. You can wear them in any season. You can wear them inside the house, outside your porch, or even to the beach. 

And the best part is that they come in many different designs, colors and styles.  No matter what kind of plush robes you choose, you’re bound to feel comfy and luxurious in it, so go ahead and get yourself one!

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