The Key Reason Why Millennials Are Actually Embracing Astrology And Spirituality

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”     - Buddha. Spirituality is believing that there is something greater and more prominent than ourselves. A spiritual person searches for meaning in life, something more than what we are experiencing with our five senses, and acknowledges that we are associated with the whole universe.

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The Key Reason Why Millennials Are Actually Embracing Astrology And Spirituality
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It cannot be denied that more and more millennials are exploring spirituality. Many of them go on a spiritual journey in order to better understand their purpose in life.

Millennials are born at a time of fast scientific and technological advancement which brought them almost limitless options at their disposal. With internet and technology, millennials can start and nurture relationships online, have access to hundreds of virtual and traditional career opportunities, and many other things they can do with just a few clicks.

What made millennials open their minds to the idea of using astrology and spirituality as a tool to guide them in making important life decisions?

The modern world have so much to offer - experiences beyond our wildest dreams - yet there is so much emptiness and loneliness that come along with these experiences.

The plethora of choices have led millennials to depression instead of freedom. They are crippled when they have to decide which of the many options is the right one. Stress, anxiety, and high suicide rate are common. The fear and difficulty of choosing from so many options have led them to turn to astrology and spirituality to help them gain clarity in order to make big decisions and gain personal insight on the aspects that are important to them – relationships, career, and their finances.

Astrology is closely intertwined with our spirituality. It is the study of the relationship between the positions of the stars and planets in the universe and its significance and influence to our lives and events here on earth. It is a body of knowledge that stretches back thousands of years of research and is based on mathematical and astronomical calculations, you can check out here

Astrology is a spiritual way of understanding our connectedness to the universe and is used by millennials as a spiritual practice.

Millennials turn to astrology to gain zodiac understanding and guidance. The alignment of the moon, planets, sun, and stars when we were born shaped our personality. Our knowledge about our sun sign and the unique qualities of our sign’s element help us understand which zodiac signs we have similarities with and which ones we have striking differences with.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are fire signs who are passionate, charismatic, and headstrong in everything that they do. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are air signs who are known for their intellect, thoughtfulness, and curiosity. The earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are humble, loyal, and will stay with you through thick and thin. The water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are mysterious, perceptive, and compassionate towards other people.

By understanding our element, we can better understand what our strengths and weaknesses are and why certain things are happening. Our relationships will improve because we know how to react when in conflict with other signs. We learn which signs we are compatible with in a romantic relationship and in business. It doesn’t mean that we cannot be in a relationship with someone whose sign do not complement ours but we will understand why we are more attracted to one person over another based on their elemental sign.

Millennials turn to astrology to confirm their experience and find relief from its accuracy. Sharing traits and character with people of the same sign assures them that they are not alone. They see it as a spiritual tool to understand themselves better, to be able to focus on what’s really important and meaningful, so they can direct their decisions toward their goals.

Nevertheless, astrology is a very valuable tool that can help millennials define their habits, interests, values, priorities, and dealings with other people.

The essence of spirituality is to give meaning and purpose to our existence and how it is connected to the universe. The twelve zodiac signs aim to find the meaning of their existence and the world. Through astrology, millennials are becoming more spiritual. Their spirituality begins when they want clarity from the chaotic world they live in.

Tarot is one of the many techniques millennials use to help them understand themselves better. Tarot, like the zodiac uses the four elements: fire, air, earth, and water. It is mainly used explain the past, understand the present, and to discover the unknown in order to predict the future.

To fully understand astrology and get the full benefits of tarot, most people need to consult with experienced professionals in the field. Tarot Prophet, for example, provides free tarot reading to help you find certainty on important issues such as your romantic relationships, money, financial status, and prosperity.

Aside from astrology and tarot, millennials exercise spirituality by incorporating other popular spiritual practices in their daily lives such as meditation, yoga, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, and journaling.

Leading a spiritual life means being consistently in tune to one’s inner self. It means you have to continuously ask yourself questions that will lead you to discover the values and principles that you find meaningful that will lead to your connection to the universe.

Spirituality, although a personal journey, brings people with common beliefs together. People of the same spiritual community help each other and even do spiritual activities together. Spiritual groups work not only in enriching themselves but their community as well.

Overall, millennials are embracing astrology and spirituality to find meaning in this modern world so they are no longer crippled and overwhelmed by the many options available to them. They gain clarity, attain peace of mind, and are able to make decisions from the new insight that guide them in making hard decisions.

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