How To Look Good In A Swimsuit This Summer

Looking good in a swimsuit is all about projecting. It’s about projecting confidence. It’s about projecting fun. There’s a reason why models these days come in all shapes and sizes. They are blank canvases for makeup artists and projectors of vibe. But that’s not to say that what you wear and how you wear it doesn’t matter. All of that is under the pretense that you’ve got the look down. Every beach season gives you a handful of days to look your best in a swimsuit. Weekends are for the salt and sun. We all want to feel our best and be our best out on the sand. This is how you can do it in stunning fashion.

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How To Look Good In A Swimsuit This Summer

Find A Swimsuit That Fits

We all have that bikini in the back of our dressers we’ve had forever. We take it out when necessary and begrudgingly put it on for that annual obligatory beach party. It’s seen some great times, I’m sure. But it is time to give it up for something fresh and spruced up. 

Getting the right bathing suit is dependent on one being honest in their body type. Yes, the one on the rack may look amazing on the mannequin that looks nothing like us. But we have to be realistic. Find bright colors to highlight what we want and darker tones to hide the rest. Designers from Jets One Piece Swimwear says that the color and cut plays a huge role when it comes to swimsuits. 

You can either accentuate or soften out your bust by choosing the right cut. A V-neckline is practically meant for people who want to accentuate said bust and top ruffles with the right color can do the same for those with a more modest bust. It’s all about finding that balance in accordance to the shape we’ve got.


We all tend to focus on the swimsuit itself, but always ignore the rest. The nature of the swimsuit is that the majority of our skin is exposed. Those inevitably become the highlights over the suit itself. A little skin care goes a long way. In the months leading up to the beach season, pay extra attention to your legs and arms. If you want to look your absolute best, make sure that when you’re out on the beach, you’ve got those details down.

Have Fun!

The most important feature of our day out swimming is how we feel. We’re there to have fun. That’s the primary reason we’re out at the lake or the beach. Ultimately the swimsuit is not the be all end all of our fun experience. It may be something to chat about, but the best part is that we actually enjoy ourselves. Toss around a volleyball. Soak in the rays. Sip a cocktail if you’ve got one. Feeling our best projects out further than any pattern on a cloth.

Swimsuits are meant to be functional, uncomplicated, and fun. They’re all designed with you, the wearer, in mind. So choose one that fits—not just your physical proportions. Choose one that fits your lifestyle. Choose one that won't break down on you when the waves crash. Choose one that will allow you to dive for that volleyball without thinking twice. Choose one that is undeniably you.

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