4 Vitamins You Need To Keep Acne At Bay

While some people think that “adult acne” is rare, studies have proven that the percentage of people who suffer from acne between the ages of 20 to 40 varies from 40% to 55%. The severity of acne can vary from one or a few pimples every month, to severe cases. This dermatological condition has the power to affect people emotionally and cause physical discomfort. Other than the fact that acne can be painful, it can affect people’s self-esteem. Sometimes it can trigger anxiety and lead to complete social isolation. However, there is a solution to every problem.

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4 Vitamins You Need To Keep Acne At Bay   

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This article will discuss the magical four vitamins that can prevent and treat acne.

Vitamin A
This effective antioxidant has a wide variety of benefits for the well being of our skin. Vitamin A is considered to be one of the most effective vitamins for acne treatment and getting rid of acne scars. It helps the skin by shedding its dead cells, which unclogs pores and quickens the healing process for acne scars. Applying vitamin A topically in the form of tretinoin or retinoids treats the redness and inflammation. It reduces hyperpigmentation and smooths your skin.

Taking supplements to increase zinc levels will improve a lot of functions in your body, such as reproductive functions, metabolism, immune functions, and it will quicken the healing process. The main reason behind hormonal or stress-induced acne is the overproduction of the sebum glands which leads to the clogging of pores. Taking zinc sulfate and zinc gluconate orally has been proven to treat acne as it regulates the production of sebum in the skin.

Vitamin C
We all must have heard by now about the various benefits of taking vitamin C, whether it’s orally or by applying serums on the skin. Not only does it slow down the aging clock and prevent many of its ugly side effects from the dark eye area, fine lines, deep wrinkles. But vitamin C also helps in treating acne scars. Its supplements boost the immune system and skin wellbeing. It gives an amazing glow and reduces inflammation, redness, and soothes the skin.

Vitamin D
The effects of low levels of vitamin D are catastrophic for overall health. Also, it has been proven that these low levels have a direct link to skin conditions like acne. A study has proven that supplementing with vitamin D plays a huge role in blocking bacteria that causes acne. Another reason why vitamin D might help is that people who have lower levels of this vitamin tend to be more stressed and depressed, which can trigger hormonal acne. All of these causes can easily be avoided with a prescribed dosage after consulting your doctor.

A skincare routine with the most expensive products will not help if our bodies aren’t healthy. If you are suffering from acne, you need a proper checkup to understand the reason behind your ailment. From there, you can start taking the right supplements that will help you with this condition. It’s also important to pay attention to your mental health and seek professional help if acne has started affecting you emotionally.

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