Convert Your Unwanted Gift Cards to Cash, Sell Gift Cards Now!

Convert Your Unwanted Gift Cards to Cash, Sell Gift Cards Now!

If you have unwanted gift cards that are just sitting on your desks, do not throw them away. Instead, choose to earn some cash and sell gift cards that you are no longer looking forward to using. You should make sure though that you are turning your cards only to trusted exchange sites.

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 Convert Your Unwanted Gift Cards to Cash, Sell Gift Cards Now!
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We all know that it is really tempting to be asking your friends and some of your family members for gift cards especially when it’s during the holiday season. This is mostly because gift cards offer the opportunity for us to pick out the products and services that we value the most. 

However, it is also easy to be receiving all sorts of gift cards, which sometimes make us forget some especially if we can’t use it in the stores available in the area that we live in. Moreover, you may even receive gift cards that are from a retailer that you don’t really go to thereby leaving your gift card unused, which ended up making the gift card a good present in theory but not in practice.

The good thing right now though is that you can now sell gift cards and not let those unused gift cards go to waste. But, you should also note that the amount that you can earn when you sell gift cards is going to be dependent on the popularity of the gift cards that you are selling.

Tips on How You Can Get the Most Value When You Sell Gift Cards

You can get the most out of your unused gift cards by doing the following tips:

• Try to read website reviews

You should not be trusting all at once. There are a lot of shady sites online and you can avoid them by searching and reading verified reviews. It is important that you should be able to associate only with credible online sites because there are sites that are selling your cards but is not going to pay you the proceeds. The buyer will then drain the card and then it will file a chargeback.

• Consider selling gift cards to your family or friends first

Before you start to look for online sites where you will turn your gift cards over, try to consider other ways first where you can maximize your gift card’s value. You can have the chance to get the full value of your card when you sell them to your family or your friends first. 

However, if this is really not possible because there is no store accepting the gift card you have in mind or your family or your friends do not also want such gift card, then that is the time that you go look for online sites that will sell gift cards for you wherever your location may be.

• Ensure that the gift card exchange site is legitimate

If you are not confident enough about giving your gift card to a suspected website, then follow the first tip and read reviews about such website so that you will know if that website is legitimate or not. You can also see what the Better Business Bureau has to say about the specific website. 

It is also a good sign if the website will offer guarantees on its transactions, you just have to pay attention though as to how long the guarantee is good for. So, if the guarantee is good for 45 days, then you should not use the gift cards for two months or else you will be out of luck.

• Be mindful of your gift card’s expiration date

If your gift card bears an expiration date, then you might some trouble selling those to a website because, for obvious reasons, no website wants to be saddled with a gift card that has already expired. So, if you can assess that you are not really going to use such gift cards, then sell them at the earliest time possible so that the possibility of having the gift cards sold is increased. 

There are a lot of sites that you can sell them for cash and are also really easy to navigate, so after you have already selected a merchant and then entered the amount for the card, you will then be given a cashback offer that you can either accept or not. 

Potential Risks When You Sell Gift Cards Online

As mentioned in the earlier part of this article, you can earn a chunk if you are to sell gift cards that you no longer want instead of just leaving it to perish. However, you should also be mindful of the potential risks when you are to sell them so that you can get the best out of your unused gift cards.

• You may not be able to sell the gift card at full value

This is true especially if the gift card you have on hand is not from a well-known brand, or it is near its expiry date, or that no one really wants it so sometimes you are left with no choice but to sell it at a lower value.

• You will not be paid until it is sold

Although you can be able to receive more money than the value of the card, it may still take time for you to receive the money because selling the gift card will take some time. And if you still have to mail your card in before it can be sold, then this will add to the processing time of selling the card and receiving the money.

• You may be charged with fees

If you are selling your gift cards in an auction site, then you can end up paying various fees that may drop the value of your gift cards even further. So better sell them smartly.

• Selling it on non-gift card sites can put you more at risk

If you are selling your gift cards to non-gift card sites like Facebook Marketplace, then it will come with significant risks. You may either receive more money for your gift card, or you may end up with nothing if something will go wrong with the transaction because you are not protected. So make sure that you only sell your gift cards to accredited sites.

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