Reel Mowers: Give Your Lawn A Healthy and Professional Look

Reel Mowers: Give Your Lawn A Healthy and Professional Look

A beautifully manicured lawn is something to work for and so well worth the final result. Consider yourself very lucky that you have a lawn to enjoy and sit outdoors in with the splendid nature around you. Getting that perfect look of a professionally mowed lawn is going to depend heavily on the type of mower you use. If you are not a person who likes to mow down, consider installing artificial grass in rancho mirage, CA.

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Reel Mowers: Give Your Lawn A Healthy and Professional Look
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There are several types of mowers to choose from, too many types to mention in one go here, but we want to focus on reel motors which depend on being hand-pushed to mow. 

How reel motors cut

There are a plethora of reasons for using a reel mower as opposed to other types out there. The biggest advantage is in how they cut grass blades. Other types of mowers use rotary blades that rotate like helicopter blades, resulting in grass blades that get sliced, cut, or ripped, giving a very sloppy look. 

On the other hand, reel mowers at have blades that work just like a pair of scissors. This end result is a clean, crisp cut and an overall better and healthier looking lawn. The blades also allow the grass to stand up straighter for an easier cut.


Another major advantage of the reel mowers is their impact on the environment or their lack of negative effects to be more precise. Reel mowers cause the grass clippings to fall back into the soil which provides natural fertilizes and adds nitrogen back to the ground. Push reel mowers are powered by manual force, so they’re not dependent on gas, which is obviously the ‘green’ way to go and a great way to lower your carbon footprint. Not to mention the amount of money it will save you over the years in fuel.

Terrain shape and size

Reel mowers are favored for lower mowing heights; under an inch. They’re more productive when the grass is not too thick, muddy or undulating. Reel mowers are usually used for lower mowing heights that are typically used as sports or golfing surfaces, and homes. When choosing, put the following factors into consideration:
Weight: You’ll be pushing, so you want something overly heavy.

Cutting width: Long, big mowers mean heavy ones, but they get the job done quicker.
Cutting heights: This is the range of heights your mower can be adjusted, either up or down.

The direction of grass spray: Check if the grass sprays behind or in front of the mower.

Low maintenance

Since these motors cut like scissors, the blades have to be regularly sharpened. It’s only an annual task, but one that needs to be maintained. Forgetting to sharpen the blades will cause an ineffective grass cut, sometimes even leading to damaging the grass and making it more prone to disease. Also keep in mind that gas-powered rotary mowers also require oil changes, air filter replacements, and spark plug replacement.

A push reel mower is a great piece of equipment to use for smaller lawns, and pushing them on larger lawns isn’t a bad workout! Not only that, but reel mowers have a longer lifespan than other types. They are also inexpensive due to their relatively simple mechanism, making them affordable even when shopping for one on a tight budget.

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