What Kind of Watches are Popular right Now? For Men & Women

There is no piece of jewelry or accessory more timeless or versatile than a well-crafted watch. The quality, design, and technology built into each timepiece varies widely, which can make choosing the perfect piece a long journey. For some, watches are simply functional accessories to keep track of the day. However, many people look at watches as a statement, a reflection of their personality, and even an investment.

How much a watch appreciates over time depends heavily on its maker, as not all watches increase in value through the years. However, the popular watch brands people have known and loved for decades remain some of the most sought-after to this day.

The ‘perfect watch’ depends a lot on personal taste, but here are the most popular watch brands right now to get you started on your search:


Casio’s G-Shock brand has had a huge following since its first release 1983. G-Shocks have always been reliable and sturdy, known for functionality and longevity in equal measure. It’s no secret that their most popular model is the original DW-5000C, which has been updated over time to integrate newer technology and reflect developments in fashion. As the pioneers of shock resistance in watches (hence, the name), they’ve always been associated with high-intensity activities. Their impressive tolerance against water, pressure, temperature, vibration, and electricity makes them ideal watches for outdoorsmen and adventurers.


Seiko is in a league of its own. Its biggest advantage is the ability to make a watch for everyone, regardless of budget. From quartz watches to high-end mechanical watches, Seiko has created timepieces that exemplify distinct Japanese craftsmanship. As a brand that’s been around for over a century, its legacy and penchant for innovation is hard to match.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer has always had a strong history of innovation and is deeply rooted in automobile racing. In more recent years, the company has released a series of innovative timepieces, including a tourbillon watch, ultra-fast mechanical chronographs, and luxury smartwatches. Founded in the Jura region, it also bears the trademark quality known that Swiss watches are known for.


You can’t have a popular watch list without mentioning Rolex. This ultra-luxe brand has a limited market, but it’s still worth mentioning as one most aspired by many. Unlike other watch brands, Rolex built its name not around quality, but perfection – no embellishments or wacky designs, rather, simple elegance. Each Rolex is considered as a perfectly made watch, worn as a symbol of success and celebration.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors has long been a respected name in the fashion world. It’s particularly popular for women, but the brand also caters to men. With its extensive line of fashion accessories, Michael Kors is very popular for people who look for fashion watches that give off a high-end vibe, but don’t necessarily cost an arm and a leg. They’re not particularly known for craftsmanship, but Michael Kors watches come in a wide range of designs, from the simple to the unabashedly glamorous. They’re also made by Fossil, so expect the same build and quality.


Although it is most well-known as a jeweler associated with royalty and prestige, Cartier holds its own in the watch world. The brand is more popular with women as it's associated with jewelry, but its foray into men’s pieces has also been a success. The company’s first wristwatch, the Santos, is still in production today, despite being created way back in 1847. With 100% brand recognition among customers, Cartier watches are collected as investments for their unbeatable reputation and the brand’s use of luxurious materials.


Another Swiss brand coveted by many, Breitling has an outstanding reputation for creating luxury aviator watches. Most Breitling watches are on the bigger size, measuring 40-42mm. It’s also the company that invented the chronograph wristwatch; although chronograph technology had already been established, Breitling packed it into an impossibly small package. Every Breitling watch is also a COSC-certified chronometer, which means each timepiece’s quartz movement is created with utmost precision and accuracy.

Whatever your budget or style preference, there is a popular watch to serve you. Some timepieces are viewed as a long-term investment, but all are cherished in the here and now for their function, design, and elegance.

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