Golden Bull Charging into Pavilion KL 3D Show

Pavilion KL is the first in Malaysia to showcase a 3D animation show of a Golden Bull, charging with energy and joining in the fight against Covid-19 to bring blessings of Good Health and Prosperity to the nation. Aired on the Pavilion Elite giant LED screen, the largest screen in Bukit Bintang, Malaysia’s shopping hub, the first-of-its-kind 3D show has already gone viral on social media not only in Malaysia but around the world.

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Golden Bull Charging into Pavilion KL 3D Show

The 3D show is best viewed from Pavilion KL’s iconic Crystal Fountain and is aired from now until March 2021.  The Pavilion Elite LED Screen measuring 60.8m in width and 21.5m in height, with an impressive total size of 1,310 sqm, is the perfect venue to showcase this ground-breaking 3D show and technology.

This 3D Golden Bull show on the Pavilion Elite LED screen presents yet another first in Malaysia showcase by Pavilion KL for this Chinese New Year ‘Blessings of Prosperity’ celebrations.  The other first in Malaysia record is for the “Biggest Golden Bull'' in the mall’s Centre Court, measuring 15ft in height and 16ft in width.  

An icon of strength, the Golden Bull is charging with energy to kick away Covid-19, leading us into a healthy and prosperous 2021. Shoppers can admire the Golden Bull on the rotating stage at Pavilion KL’s Centre Court until March 2021.

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